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Hello $DVD DeFi warriors!

It’s already mid-September, and here we are to report back to you on what we have been doing over the past month from August to today.

✅DAO FAANG Stonks & Money Printer Goes Brrrrr 💸 LIVE for your passive income!
✅DAOventures New Website!
✅DVD Upgrade Complete & DAOvip Staking — business as usual

For more exciting news coming in September, wait till you read the whole article!

💻 August Update

Are you a stock investor? But not so awesome with KYC?

You came to the right place. DAO FAANG Stonks gives you exposure to the world’s top 5 tech…

In this post, we are going to summarize the new plan on DAOventures DeFi (DVD) token design from a token engineering perspective. The major structure of the token model doesn’t change, however DAOventures team has decided that it would be beneficial to clear out some frequently asked questions regarding the supply and liquidity mining to tune our token distribution plan, moving forward with our product development.


  1. The total supply: DVD will be capped at 15m tokens
  2. Tokens from Treasury wallet: 7.4m tokens
    - Token Address:
    - 1.5m tokens for DAOventures team
    - 400k for DVG-DVD upgrade related emergencies
    - 5.5m tokens for DAOvip…

DAOventures, the multi-chain DeFi asset manager platform offers a $DVD Referral Program you can make money from!

Basic Rule

  • What your referrer needs to do: minimum $100 deposit in any DAOventures strategies
  • What you get: 10% of your referrers’ deposit amount (max $3,000 in total) in DVD
  • What your referees get: Additional DVD rewards equivalent to 10% of their total deposit (max $100 per user and max $3000 in total)
  • Referral period: 25th Aug - 8th Sep.
  • Locking Period: Referees must hold their funds in the chosen strategies for a minimum of 2 weeks
  • Referral code: Specified decimal place for referral deposits…

FAANG! The 5 Big Tech Stocks.

Are you aware of FAANG which recently took hype in the world of the internet?

The five stocks of FAANG are all of your familiar tech giant brands, whose products and services make our lives daily.

  • Facebook (FB) is the social media platform, owner of Instagram, WhatsApp. It has returned more than 41% from Oct 28, 2019, to Oct 28, 2020, and more than 162% since Oct 28, 2015.
  • Apple (AAPL), the sole product manufacturer of the group, has returned more than 82% over from Oct 28, 2019, to Oct 28, 2020, and more than 272% since Oct 28, 2015.


Back to our flagship product! We’re proud to introduce Money Printer Goes Brrrr💸💸💸. This strategy helps you compound your stablecoins at an accelerated rate, just like good old Money Printer.

This product will allow you to enjoy fast-growing LP rewards of QUICK, WMATIC, CRV, etc in multiples without having to worry about stablecoin holding.

The First DeFi strategy on Polygon🚀

Polygon is essentially a scaling platform for the Ethereum (ETH-USD) network. It facilitates off-chain transactions securely and efficiently, enhancing smart contracts and payments. Polygon is a Layer-2 network, which increases its scalability and interoperability between blockchains. …

Hello $DVD warriors!

As we marched in the August, we saw the crypto market go back full-on a BULL run. We are happy to share our footsteps in July and give you a sneak peek on the plan for August.

✅DAOventures Brand New Relaunch with $DVD Upgrade!
✅DAOvip is LIVE! Stake $DVD and earn vipDVD!
✅Incredible performance with Citadel & Cuban’s Ape for your quirkiness!
✅$10K Grand Airdrop for $DVD HOLDERs
✅Partnership & Events
- Partnership with Polygon
- CDzExchange IDO allocation for $DVD stakers
- AMA with MEXC & PlotX

Plan for August─ wait till you read it all👀

💻 Product Update


Apart from Elon Musk, the other billionaire who has been a vocal supporter of crypto is Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban. This strategy automatically gives you a balanced allocation to some of his favorite DeFi & NFT alts.

The Meme: Cuban’s Ape

“We have chosen to [accept Dogecoin] because sometimes in business you have to do things that are fun, engaging and hopefully generate a lot of PR. So we will take Dogecoin, today, tomorrow, and possibly forevermore.”

- Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks

This guy gets the hype surrounding crypto!

Investing Methodology

This simple strategy is a long-only basket of alts that Mark Cuban…

The Grand AMA (Ask Me Anything) for $DVD Warrior was successful!
This time’s AMA was held at MEXC Global TG community, one of the best crypto exchanges, and we received again a huge welcome from the community members.

Celebrating our $DVD Brand new relaunch, MEXC has successfully upgraded DVG to DVD on their platform too.

You can now buy DVD at MEXC:

Here’s the recap of the AMA with our co-founder Victor!

Iris: Today, we’re honored to have Victor Lee, Co-Founder of DAOventures, to our community to give us a more intuitive introduction to their unique project.

Victor, welcome. Would you like to say hello and introduce yourselves?


Dear DAOventures community,

Today we gladly announce that the $DVD pending rewards and DVG on BSC will be dropped to your DAOvip DVD account in the form of vipDVD.

It includes:

  1. DAOvip gas fee reimbursements
  2. DAOmine pending rewards
  3. Defi-Wizard gas fee reimbursements
  4. DAOvip early bird promo
  5. BSC 1:1 upgrade
  6. Uniswap LP reimbursements

Total reimbursement amount: 496,894.5 DVD

Please go to and check your vipDVD balance. You have the option to swap it to DVD in DAOvip.

DAOvip allows users to deposit DVD and get vipDVD as a reward. Let’s dive deeper into how vipDVD works

What is vipDVD?

vipDVD is an ERC20…

Stake $DVD to win allocation for CDzExchange’s IDO!

DAOventures is excited to partner with CDzExchange in their upcoming IDO launching on PAID Ignition! Following CDzExchange’s highly oversubscribed private sale, we are excited to announce a chance for the DAOventures community to win IDO allocation for $CDZ.

Here’s how you can win allocation:

  • This is a ‘first come first serve’ basis allocation. The first 50 users who stake $DVD and wish to participate will need to fill out this short whitelist form.
  • Stake a minimum of 5,000 $DVD on DAOventures’ DAOvip staking program for 7 days:
  • This whitelisting period begins from 4:00 AM UTC on 28th July 2021…


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