AMA Recap: @ Gain Associates— grand AMA series #2

11 min readJun 21, 2021

The Grand AMA (Ask Me Anything) Series for $DVG Warrior is ongoing!
The second AMA series was held at Gains Associates TG group, one of the best crypto Influencers, and we received such a warm welcome from the community members.

Celebrating our product release, we loved sharing our major DeFi strategy, The DAO Citadel and our future milestones. Thank you again for your support and enthusiasm towards the future of money with DAOventures!

Victor | DAOventures Co-Founder

DAOventures is a DeFi robo-advisor and automated money manager. Imagine Robinhood for DeFi. There are around 18 person on the team and 9 of us are in technical roles and 2 DeFi strategist; Dennis and Guru!
We have a VERY STRONG team and technical capable to execute AWESOME DEFI strategies that is out of the world!

Dennis | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

I used to work in tradfi, in bond trading. DeFi yields were a lot more attractive and I came over to design portfolio strategies for our users!
Well-balanced portfolios, constant yield optimization, and great risk management.

Ayeley | Gains Associates

DAOventures has been around for some time. How has the reception been from the crypto community?

Victor | DAOventures Co-Founder

OUT OF THE WORLD! Our community is superbly passionate and supportive of DVG and our work.

Belinda | DAOventures China Co-Founder

Just look at our community growth and Twitter followers in the last 1 month. — we have now about 38,000 followers on Twitter, 40% increase over the last month.

Victor | DAOventures Co-Founder

40%!!!!! Talk about support and growth!

Ayeley | Gains Associates

Cool. How did you handle the funds raised during the launch? And are you planning to do any future raises?

Victor | DAOventures Co-Founder

We have raised $1.4 million from private sales and did a public sale on Polkastarter.

The fund mainly is used for recruiting and product development.
Future raise is being planned after the product gets more traction.

We are looking to use this funding for real product development and making DeFi investing simpler!

Ayeley | Gains Associates

What is the use case of the DVG token and how does it capture the value of the ecosystem you are building?

Victor | DAOventures Co-Founder

DVG is used as governance, utility, and staking token. Some of the use cases below:

1. Governance. User is able to propose and vote for platform improvements and suggestions.

2. Utility. DVG would be used for ecosystems such as staking, participating in VIP strategies, participating in launchpool*, and more.

3. Staking. DAOvip stakers (staking DVG token), will get interest-bearing DVG token (similar with xSushi). Users will be able to get more DVG from our liquidity mining too.

Ayeley | Gains Associates

Regarding the DAOVentures product, we notice the investment strategies including DAO Citadel, DAO Stonks, Elon’s Ape, etc. What’s your philosophy in naming these strategies?

Dennis | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

Because we love memes!! Memes are the language crypto twitter communicates with.

The citadel is the imaginary place in the future reserved only for bitcoin investors. Stonks is the 3D modeled man in front of a rising stock market chart who talks business. Elon is a meme himself for shitposting about crypto.

Each of these strategies was named so, because of the theme the strategy revolves around! We want people to realize making money is serious business but we also love making jokes about everything. It is the culture in crypto to make a joke of everything. So we don’t take ourselves too seriously because we are secure enough that the strategies will work.

Ayeley | Gains Associates

The community is very interested in your flagship product DAO Citadel, the crypto ETF. How do you allocate the funds in the DAO Citadel Vault?

Dennis | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

The exposure right now is
45% BTC
35% ETH
15% DPI
5% DAI

In a standard portfolio, you’d just buy these coins and then hope they go up, but at DAOventures we wanna make sure you get PAID at the same time you’re waiting. So we’ve paired up assets into liquidity provider positions on top DEXes like SushiSwap or Curve.

So for example, we would have a portfolio of WBTC-ETH as a combined position. Instead of spot BTC and ETH, WBTC-ETH gets you paid in many ways, while you still keep a responsible allocation in your portfolio.

Guru | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

So there are 3 money-making strategies at play in our portfolio
1) capital appreciation
2) trading fees on AMMs
3) yield farming bonuses
ALL WHILE having a balanced exposure to the market.
Yeap, most importantly, the vault is balanced daily to achieve to desired exposure!

Dennis | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

Money making is our specialty, and we have automated this. Minus the degen risks that are really quite reckless.

Ayeley | Gains Associates

With these strategies, there is still high volatility? How would they perform in a bearish market like now?

Dennis | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

Our DAO stonks strategy is actually a great bear market shelter. It creates a FAANG tech stock basket using ERC20 versions of tokenized US equities.

Guru | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

As mentioned earlier, in DaoCitadel we make money in 3 ways, so even if the price of the assets is going down, you’re still making trading fees and yield farming rewards!

you’d still be way better off than anyone holding spot-only positions!

Dennis | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

Don’t wanna lose money? Take cover in here with Dao stonks!

It has only HALF the volatility of the stock market, and the stock market has only a fraction of crypto market volatility.

Guru | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

but you get the yield farming rewards of the crypto market!

Dennis | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

All we do is win-win no matter what.

Ayeley | Gains Associates

Love that. What stage is the project at? And what should we look forward to in the coming months?

Dennis | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

Guru and I have the main focus of just churning out as many money-making strategies as possible.

Victor | DAOventures Co-Founder


Dennis | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

Our tech team is coding away furiously to bring our money-making machines to life.

Guru | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

you can look forward to many more vaults similar to DAOcitadel but with a different investment narrative!

Also you can look forward to seeing us on more chains!!!

Victor | DAOventures Co-Founder

We just launched DAO Citadel and several more upcoming innovative strategies this month.

This also includes staking and liquidity mining for DVG! xxx APY%!

Ayeley | Gains Associates

When can we expect testnet and mainnet? Is the MVP ready? With all these awesome gifs, I know the UI will have killer features, Can you give the GAINS community a sneak peek of how it looks?

Belinda | DAOventures China Co-Founder

Sarah | DAOventures Marketing Manager

We’re already in mainnet!!

Guru | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

You can invest in DAO Citadel right now!!!

Ayeley | Gains Associates

Thanks for these answers. We will take some questions from our community on Twitter now.

The first question from Twitter user @meml1997: It caught my attention that I read about this interesting service of DAOVentures called “Happy Hour”. Can you tell us more about it? How does this service exactly work? What do people need to do if they want to use it and what are the benefits of doing so?

Guru | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

Happy Hours is the time that users can deposit into our strategies without paying gas fees. During these specific Happy Hours, we will pay for the gas fees so that users can deposit without worrying about gas.

Happy Hours is basically an exclusive hour every day where DAOventures allows users to deposit without paying any gas fee on Ethereum mainnet! Just sign the transaction and you’re good to go! So we understand how expensive ethereum can be sometimes, so for one hour a day, we got you covered!

Victor | DAOventures Co-Founder


1. We understood that users are worried about gas fees and this creates a barrier for our customers to enjoy our products.

2. Therefore, we want to reward our users/investors daily with a happy hour session. Just like going for a happy hour with friends.

3. BUT instead of a discount. We actually give out free gas-fees deposit for our DeFi investment products.

4. Talk about listening to our customers.


Ayeley | Gains Associates

Second question from Twitter user @KathDM3: You mentioned that DAOventures is a startup that focuses on empowering crypto investors to cross the chasm into DeFi, you are focused on simplifying DeFi investing. What are the main doubts investors face and how does DAOventures solve them?

Dennis | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

The main doubts investors face is just how intimidating and bloody confusing defi looks. Most people have never interacted with a smart contract before. And there are so many dangers!!! Rug pulls, exploits, oracle manipulations, how do you not LOSE money??

Victor | DAOventures Co-Founder

We are our own investors and we often struggle how do we find the best deals, the best strategies, which platform is the best, how do i get the most return for my $.


Imagine that 1-DAPP;

1. Easy to use. Clean, simple steps, 3 steps to invest.

2. Backed by actual professionals. Who knows what they are doing and actual DEFI investors.

3. With FACES on the website and REAL people. And answering to the community. Explaining what we do.

4. Innovative DeFi strategies. DAO Citadel (Crypto ETF). DAO Faang Stonks (Faang stocks on blockchain). Nuff said.

5. DVG token use-cases. Better APY!, Staking. Liquidity mining. Fees sharing with DVG stakers.

What else is better out there?!

Ayeley | Gains Associates

The Final question is from Twitter user @HumbertoAnttoni: I was reading about the $DVG governance token and it says there’s only 3 mechanisms to get it. Can you explain them in details? Especially in regard to buying it in the secondary market.

Belinda | DAOventures China Co-Founder

There are many ways to get DVG on the secondary market.

🦄 Trade on UniSwap:🦄

🥞 Trade on Pancakeswap:🥞

👉 MXC (CEX):

Victor | DAOventures Co-Founder

Yup yup! Great question.

1. Mine for it. Stake your LP tokens from the strategies to earn DVG.

2. Buy it from DeX. Make sure it's actual contract. Look here

3. Earn it. Participate in our governance and community!

Ayeley | Gains Associates

Thanks for these detailed answers. We’ll have more questions during the live AMA. For now, we move on to the quiz.

FIRST QUIZ: What is the flagship product on DAOventures’ platform? (Can find the answer in


SECOND QUIZ: What is DVG’s staking program? (Source:

A. DAOvip



THIRD QUIZ: Where is DAOventures incorporated?


FOURTH QUIZ (Multiple choices, more than 1 answer): What’s DAOventures goal?

  1. To make DeFi simple and accessible
  2. To become your personal robo-advisor and automated DeFi asset manager
  3. To do the heavy lifting for DeFi investments


Here is some recap of questions selected from LIVE AMA by DAOventures team.

NOPE. No limit within the HAPPY HOUR. No strings attached.

1. The admin can perform immediate “emergency withdrawal”.
2. The funds will stay in the vault for 48 hours. NOT EVEN THE ADMIN can withdraw it.
3. This is to ensure that the funds stay safe in case of rug-pull or hacks in 3rd party vault.

No, these products will all be focused on different things.
DAOcitadel is your bet on the crypto market as a whole.
DAOstonks helps you enjoy the yield farming returns only available in the crypto markets, while only being exposed to the volatility of the stock market.

We will also have stable coin strategies for investors who are more risk adverse and we will also have more Degen vaults for Degen investors!

No need, like the rest of defi the only thing you require is a blockchain wallet.

What are the Fees?

1) 0.5%-1% network fee on funds deposited to the DAOventures strategies for operational and development costs.

2) 20% fee for profit sharing with the DAOventures protocol sustainability and the DVG DAO community pool.

We have a lot of marketing plans coming up as well as an airdrop for selected DeFi users!

Watch out for multi-chain farming:
2/ Polygon

In development now!

I would highly recommend you start with DAO Citadel, you can get a hint of our diverse strategies. If you are not so brave, then you can choose Basic risk level strategies.
See? You can choose your own strategy according to your risk appetite. Plus, DAO Stonks (coming soon this month) will be great for this bearish market, low volatility, much safer!

Mainnet is ready! You can invest in DAO Citadel already!

DVG = Governance utility token.
vipDVG = LP token after you stake into DAOvip staking token.

U have to stake DVG into DAOvip to get vipDVG token**

See the above.

1. Stake DVG token to DAOvip.
2. gets LP token “vipDVG”. This is an interest-bearing DVG token (similar to xSushi).
3. You will get more DVG token from staking into DAOvip staking contract.
- This DAOvip will take the profit generated from strategies and use it to BUYBACK DVG token from Uniswap.
- Thus, increasing demand for DVG token.

Automated! All on contract.
1. Once the fees reach $1000, it will use it to buy back DVG from Uniswap.
2. The DVG will be given to the DAOvip stakers.

Have you enjoyed the AMA so far? There’s one more AMA to come from the Grand AMA Series, celebrating our Alpha Product Launch!

We believe in the grand idea that DeFi investment can be simple, through partnerships like this. Stay tuned for more exciting strategies, DAOmine & DAOvip!

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