AMA Recap: @ Shin Chan Community— grand AMA series #3

15 min readJun 22, 2021


The Grand AMA (Ask Me Anything) Series for $DVG Warrior is ongoing!
The third AMA series was held at Shin Chan TG community, one of the best crypto ICO/IEO communities, and we received again big welcome from the community members.

Celebrating our product release, we enjoyed new questions regarding DAOvip, DAOmine, Happy Hours, vipDVG, etc. Thank you again for your support and interest in DAOventures!

5 Questions picked from Twitter!

1. @discontinueitem

I read on Medium: #DAOventures has designed a cross-chain DeFi application (Ethereum Blockchain, Binance Smart Chain) and came up with 3 different strategies:

-The DAO Citadel Vault.

Can you explain the function of each strategy above?

Guru | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

Firstly, currently, we are only on Ethereum, we are looking to explore other chains very soon!

Compound and Yearn Fighter are strategies that farm on top of the respective protocols, basically you deposit your stable coins with us and we help you deploy them to the respective protocols!

For the DAO Citadel, it is a crypto market-weighted index where we provide liquidity in different crypto assets. The exposure for citadel currently is

45% BTC
35% ETH
15% DPI
5% DAI

By investing in citadel you are gaining exposure to the biggest crypto assets and it has 3 ways of helping users to make money.

1) Capital appreciation on crypto assets
2) Trading fees earned as an LP
3) Yield farming rewards from the different protocols we are farming upon

Also DAO Citadel is constantly rebalance to help you maintain the appropriate exposure outlined above.

2. @ladyseorama

In your Medium article, “DAOventures continues its journey to scale its business with Polygon, including cross-chain interoperability.” you said. Could you tell us about your collaboration with Polygon and its contribution to your ongoing journey?

Dennis | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

Our strategies are mainly built on Ethereum now, but we cannot ignore the opportunities on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. And so we are currently developing a strategy on Polygon that relies on Polygon’s biggest advantage.

Low gas fees
High speed

If you look at some popular DeFi platforms such as Sushi which is on both Ethereum mainnet as well as Polygon. You realise the Polygon volumes are actually showing far better growth than on Ethereum.

A good indication this is the way forward for investors for the time being. Just as a teaser, for our polygon strategy, we’re focusing on some stablecoins strategies that are reliable and give very attractive returns for the small amount of risk we’re taking. Market’s pretty shit now so being able to take cover from the bears and earn 20 something percent on your stablecoins?

3. @damarysjosefin2

The holders of DVG will be able to vote on future governance decisions, great, you also mention they are creating a participation program (DAOvip) which they share profits from the protocol with the participants of DVG What would be the% of profits they will share, on which they are based to get the%?

Guru | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

The DAOvip staking contract is very similar to what sushiswap has done with xSushi. Basically we will take a percentage of profits to buy $DVG tokens from the open market and give it out to our stakers. The percentage is currently at 40% of all protocol profits! the profits come from deposit fees, yield generated through farming as well as overall performance fees.

Belinda | DAOventures China Co-Founder

Here is a detailed write-up of DAOvip DVG staking program:

We are launching this DAOvip staking program this week! 🙌

4. @meml1997

It caught my attention that I read: “Strong communication with the community is also an essential aspect of trust in DAOventures’ service”. Can you tell us more? What plans do you have to have an strong communication with your community? How will you build this bond with them?

Dennis | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

Community is super important. It’s the backbone of any Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Do you want to make your voice heard? use your DVG tokens to do the talking when it comes to proposing changes or voting on new outcomes. Our DAOventures telegram group is also popping.

Victor | DAOventures Co-Founder

Community is what we are about. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be DAO ventures!! Looking at our growth of users in both Twitter and Telegram groups demonstrated our commitment and growth. Talk anytime and give us feedback! We have more than > 35k Twitter followers!

Belinda | DAOventures China Co-Founder

We are getting more exposure with the support from influencers and crypto communities with the likes of Crypto Lark, Crypto Daku, Shin Chan, Gains Associates. Soon DAOventures’ investment strategies will be on YouTube and Twitter mentions!

Feel free to recommend us any good KOLs you want DAOventures to be on!! ❤️

We will have a weekly Discord Community Call with our DAOventures community to hear any suggestions or feedback about our products and platforms and marketing plans! So if you are not there yet, please join!

DAOventures Discord:

5. @WhiteGianmarco

As I know 2021 is still the year of DeFi but what advance strategies do You plan to use un order to continue to innovate in this field?

Dennis | DAOventures DeFi Portfolio Strategist

As for question 5… Can you believe this whole concept of liquidity mining was just made popular only last year??

Things got really crazy and so many projects were popping up, regardless of whether they were really doing anything or not. and investors were happily throwing money at them. I think the trend forward is now that everybody realizes shitcoins can lose 95% of their value. There is a healthy amount of respect for quality projects, so we’re here to design long term, sustainable, high-quality strategies that don’t expose users to retarded risks.

Now, it’s the LIVE Q&A time!

Q6: Once the fees reach to $1000, it is automatically use to buy back DVG from Uniswap. But what will you do with these buy-back token? Do you burn them or give them to stakers?

Guru: This will be distributed back to $DVG holders who stake their $DVG in DAOvip.

Q7: As Defi strategist, what is your view on current volatility market? any new features and marketing plan that you will bring up in the future to attract more investor and strategic growth?

Dennis: The market will probably go sideways for the next few months. It’s going to be death by a thousand cuts. very choppy. Don’t think we’ll have a clear direction soon. Having strategies that can withstand the bear market will be a big help!

Q8: ⚠️ In order for people to be able to take fully advantage of all the services DAOventures offers to them, will any kind of authentication systems like KYC/AML be require?

Dennis: No KYC required. That’s not in the spirit of defi. The only thing you need is your metamask.

Q9: Nowadays, we see a lot of phishing scams and project rug-pulls in the cryptospace, because trust is so important in organizations.How is DAOventures used to attract potential investors?

Guru: That’s a part of the reason of DAOventures, we help you within the best of our abilities to phish out the scams and we will only use that have a proven trackrecord.

Q10: How do DAO ventures provide transparency and security for its users and what kind of reward structure is there for token holders in the long term?

Dennis: You’re free to look into the codes and the audit reports. Value is distributed back to token holders with our DAOvip staking program that shares platform revenues with stakers

Q11: DAOventures technology currently focuses on managing crypto funds via Eth smart contracts, So in the future, are you planning to expand your technology to other platforms like BSC or HECO?

Dennis: Yes, BSC, Polygon are next on our list. We already have strategies planned out and our developers are working on them now.

Q12: Do DVG holders has the right to participate in the governance? Can User/holders able to propose and vote for platform improvements and suggestions? If yes, what are the requirements to participate?

Sarah K: Of course, you are our partners as long as you own $DVG token. There are many ways to get $DVG.

1. Buy it:
- Uniswap
- PancakeSwap

2. Earn it.
Participate in our community and events!

3. Mine it.
Stake your LP tokens from the strategies to earn DVG.

Q13: How do we invest in the project? Do we have locking period or a minimum requirement to be eligible?

Dennis: No minimum lock in period, no minimum investment sum. DeFi was created to democratise finance and make investment opportunities accessible to people no matter how big or small their wallets!

Q14: In general, what is the vision of Daoventure in Defi market?
Is there any plan to list DVG in any tier 1 centralised exchange in short term to further increase its liquidity?

Victor Lee: Obviously. The vision is to make DeFi investing simpler for the masses!

We are in plans to list to tier 1 exchange! Wait for official announcements.

Q15: 🎠🎠 Can we classify the strategies according to the Risk profile in the control panel? How does DAOventures determine Risk profiles and in how many ways does it classify?

Guru: We determine risk profile in a few ways.

1) Smart contract risk — how many smart contracts is the vault dealing with? How complex are those smart contracts?

2) The assets we invest it, this is a bit tricky, but we usually classify crypto assets with higher marketcaps and actual use cases to be generally less risky

Q16: 🧨 I read about a service DAOVentures offers to people called “Happy Hour”, can you give us more details? How does this service work? Who can use it and what do people need to do if they want to do so? And what are the benefits of this happy hour?

Dennis: Happy Hour is when we let you deposit your assets into our smart contracts where the gas is on us!! We know ethereum gas is really offputting. Make use of this happy hour to get your investments done with your fees subsidised by us!

Victor : “Happy hour” is our give back to the users who invest with DAOventures product.

Everyday at 5pm HKT (UTC+8), we will be doing a happy hour session.

All deposit will be “free gas” and paid by DAOventures!

Q17: in project DAOventures! How will you manage your platform if something unexpected happens in the future!? especially the problem of hacking that causes your platform to have some personal data of some users in breach of your Platform? Is your DAOventures platform ready for this situation?

Sarah K :

Please check out our gitbook for latest Audit report. We are doing our due diligence to make our service safe and sound. Of course there is no such thing as perfection.
Invest with your own risk. We’re confident.

Q18: Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable ?

Dennis: Audit report by CertiK is available.

Q19: While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Dennis: Yes and we are happy to look at community proposals and let the community vote on actions with their DVG governance tokens!

Q20: How can DaoVentures make the investments of its users simpler? Would managing my DeFi wallet really be a lot easier for me and new crypto users? What differentiates them from other projects to achieve this comfort?

Guru: We will integrate strategies that will appeal to anyone with any risk level. So instead of going through a few hundred different DeFi protocols to find one thing that you can do, you can come straight to DAOventures and we will do it for you, regardless of your risk level!

Sarah K: The simplicity we’re trying to achieve is about DeFi investment. DeFi wallet is already quite simple on its own, as long as you keep your private key safe!

On DAOventures, you don’t have to worry about going back to see which strategy is better in which protocol with which APY and all. You can connect your wallet, then voila!

There will be your strategy of yours, according to your risk appetite!

Q21: Mentioned about Elon’s Ape. How this investment strategy effective and efficient for users?

Dennis: This strategy gives users an exposure to 3 names most commonly associated with Elon musk. Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Tesla. so it’s a portfolio of all 3!

Q22: when a problem occurs how does the Emergency withdrawal function? How does it work? and How can it be activated?

Guru: We will set up a script that will enable our team to be notified if there is anything funny going on, on a protocol we are using and if necessary we will use the emergency withdrawal to get users funds out of harms way!

Q23: How do we invest in the project? Do we have locking period or a minimum requirement to be eligible?

Victor : No lock in period. U can start buying/trading:
— — — — — — — — — — — — —
✅ Buy DVG

👉 MXC (CEX):
👉 Uniswap (DEX):
👉 Pancake Swap (DEX)
— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Q24: When entering your website, a beginner or any investor might feel a little lost. Because there are still no anu details or a user friendly interface. Do you have any plan to make your home page more friendly

Dennis : Oh we are absolutely working on this right now! Our product team and UI/UX designers are working on this right this moment.

Q25: why does the vipDVG token have a higher value than the platform’s main token ($DVG)?

Victor : This is a interest-bearing DVG token. The more DVG you stake, the more DVG you get! 🚀

Q26: Does the DAOventures provide consultancy to users who want to invest in the DeFi portfolio but are unconscious about the investment?
DAOventures How does it ensure determination of investment strategies and management of the portfolio?

Sarah K : Yes! Of course!
Please contact us anytime! or me! I’ll guide you to the glorious DeFi world!
If you have any issue dealing with DeFi investment, feel free to contact us anytime. We provide our strategy according to the risk appetite primarily, and you can also choose from APY, stablecoins of your choice.

Q27: I understand that your main product is ‘Automated DeFi Manager v1’ as a basic investment strategy, but is this product really the same “automated robo-investor”? or will DAOVentures have various products that help investors?

Dennis: Different products that each achieve different things. Just pick from the ones that suit your investor risk profile and preferences!

Q28: Can anyone within DaoVentures Invest like a professional without being one? What tools do you provide to users to achieve a simpler experience and guarantee a totally professional and effective investment?

Guru: We designed professional strategies that anyone can invest in! I guess you can count that as “investing like a professional”

Q29: DAOventures developed strategies above four risk levels: Basic, Advanced, Expert, Degen. Can you explain what these risk strategies are about and what are the characteristics of each of these levels? Who can access them and what protocols are they compatible with?

Dennis: Anybody can access these strategies with their web wallet. The risk levels are classified based on how reputable the platforms are, as well as how solid the projects we invest in are, and the complexity of the smart contracts required.

Q30: Among the many DeFi investment products that DAOVentures seeks to develop, do you plan to incorporate the NFT tokens? Or even this market of non-fungible tokens has not yet achieved such adoption that requires investment strategies that DAOVentures offers?

Sarah K: We’d love to adopt any type of DeFi products in our platform, just haven’t found the right fit for integrating NFT. Feel free to suggest us for more!

Q31: I saw on your website that your deflationary model consists of a 4-year cycle, can you explain more about it? What does the project have in store for the cycle? And what is your vision for the future for DAO Ventures?

Victor: Bitcoin halving is every 4 years. We follow the same pattern. The DVG token is deflationary for the next 4 years.

This is to ensure that the DVG token has potential for growth!

✅ Buy DVG
👉 MXC (CEX):
👉 Uniswap (DEX):
👉 Pancake Swap (DEX)

Q32: How is DAOventures solving users’ current DEFI issues? What does it do to protect and increase its customers’ investments? What is the team developing these days?

Dennis: DeFi is soooo tricky and intimidating to start using. So many strange settings and buttons that can confuse a new user. Hours of research required to understand new platforms. leave it to us.

Q33: Q.What features of DAOventures might be of interest to large companies and corporations now? What will motivate them to use DAOventures in the future?

Sarah K: The best thing about DAOventures is that you don’t have to go research on all types of DeFi protocols here and there, because we got it all!
Once you have your risk appetite in mind, you can let us know, we will provide the optimal DeFi investment strategy for you!

Q34: You have a service called “Happy Hour” where users can enjoy gas free transactions on special DeFi products. Can you share the details about this service?

Victor: Imagine everyone complaining about expensive gas fees for enthereum network and move to Polygon.

We actually have this “happy hour” promotion and give free gas fees deposit everyday. This solves everything!

Who doesn’t like Happy Hour?! Wait for official announcements!

Q35: 1. You called yourself the “Robinhood for DeFi”, does this mean that you don’t want big Investors to join the project? Or is there other reason for that nickname?

2. Can you explain us the difference between DAOcitadel and DAOstonks? What should we focus firts? Is there any products for more riskier investors?

Dennis: 2) DAO Citadel is a market weight crypto index. DAO Stonks is an investment portfolio of ERC20 versions of tech stocks such as AMZN, AAPL, NFLX etc

Q36: No offense but you are really cute! 😍 BTW Regarding your product, i notice that investment strategies like DAO Citadel, DAO Stonks, Elon’s Ape, etc. Has a name for each of them. Can you tell us what is the reason for naming your investment strategies?

Belinda: We named them all after popular crypto twitter memes!!!!! People love memes, people love money, we decided to name out money making strategies after memes. Creating a culture.

  • DAO Citadel is your key to enter the Citadel.
  • DAO Stonks refers to our FAANG basket stocks investment strategy on Mirror protocol.
  • Elon’s Ape or Cuban’s Ape is a more celebrity-based investment picks (more for fun and die-hard fans imo!)

Q37: 🔵 How do you implement the balancing system so that DAOVentures vaults get the desired exposure and what role do DAOVentures Vaults play in increasing returns?

🔵 Each user’s risk expectation is different. For this reason, will you create multiple investment strategies for users with different risk groups and how will you adjust the return rates of these strategies?

Guru: 1) Everyday we rebalance the vault back to its desired exposure, through an automated procedure that we have designed in house!

2) Yes. We will have more degen farms that are heavily exposed to DeFi alts, cause there is a bit of a degen in everybody

We will also have safer farmers, Like STONKS and our stablecoin strategies!

Q38: How the token will be used within the ecosystem? Is there any benefits of buying and holding DVG token? Can you tell us how do you intend to reward your community?

Victor: Stake it in DAOvip (our DVG staking program). The more you stake, the more DVG you get!

Talk about great deals!

Q39: Have you tested the feasibility of the #DAOVENTURE smart contract? How safe is that? Have you tested to a third party?

Guru : Our flagship vault DAOcitadel has been audited by certik

Belinda :

Q40: How can I know more about your project, do you have any website or YouTube channel you can share with me?

Sarah K: Website is LIVE:

Q41: 🥇 Can you tell us a bit about how the DEFI ROBO-ADVISOR works, can we trust your recommendations, for how long has it been tested in the real market, what have been the results?

Guru: The past performance of all our strategies will be display on our UI, so you can invest with a peace of mind!

Have you enjoyed the 3rd AMA? We’re now very close to announce our glorious $DVG STAKING PROGRAM, DAOvip!

We believe in the grand idea that DeFi investment can be simple, through partnerships like this. Stay tuned for more exciting strategies, DAOmine & DAOvip!

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