Brand New Relaunch of $DVD — Upgrade to DVD

5 min readJul 20, 2021


To our valued DAOventures Community,

It has been an eventful week for DAOventures, from ChainSwap exploit to the announcement of a grand upgrade for our brand new token $DVD. DAOventures would like to sincerely thank the community for staying strong and giving us a lot of valuable feedback, not to mention the enormous support.

On that note, we are happy to announce our grand relaunch, with the brand new token $DVD! for your $DVD upgrade!

The Basics

The DAOventures Team wanted to name our brand new token that represents the core value of our project, DeFi─Decentralized Finance.

So $DVD it is, the DAOventures DeFi token.

$DVD will remain the same value as a DAOventures governance token but will have upgraded features with a new smart contract, new token address, and new ticker. We will list $DVD at major crypto data market platforms, such as Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, etc.

The project DAOventures itself remains the same. Just a simple upgrade on the token!

Don’t forget that all funds, all DeFi investment strategies─our main products are the same as well. The services involving the old token $DVG, like DAOmine, DAOvip, will be upgraded along with the token.

How it works

All DVG is to be upgraded with DVD, since DVD is the brand new token replacing DVG. Users have to come to our website and upgrade. We have launched a dedicated upgrade page for upgrading DVG to DVD. Users can simply click ‘Upgrade and Stake’ to swap DVG with DVD and automatically have it staked in DAOvip to immediately start accruing rewards.

That’s it! There you have DVDs in the wallet that you’ve connected.

  • Please kindly note that only the users who have owned DVG before the snapshot ( at Jul-10–2021 07:28:49 PM +UTC) will be eligible for 1:1 ratio of DVG:DVD swap.
  • For those who have bought DVG after the snapshot, we will announce the treatment upcoming week on 26th July.
  • All DVG in the DAOventures Treasury will, of course, be swapped to DVD with 1:1 ratio.
  • If you have staked DVG in any of our partners’ platforms, like DeFiwizards, MantraDAO, Ferrum Network, please claim your rewards and remove the liquidity. After you have gotten your DVG back, you can swap DVG to DVD on our platform.

What’s better with $DVD?

Burning mechanism

We have upgraded the new DVD token with a burning mechanism that allows tokens to be burnt to reduce the overall token supply. This allows for a new penalty system to discourage the selling of early harvested yield harvesting and encourage users to hold their DVD tokens or it will be burnt which reduces overall token supply.

Improve voting delegate issue

We have made some minor improvements to the voting delegate functionality.

DAOvip upgrade

Not to mention the fact that DAOvip is now available with $DVD, we have upgraded DAOvip to a tiered level program, where users get additional DVD rewards for staking in DAOvip.

  1. All vipDVG token holders get additional APY% on all liquidity mining rewards.
  2. Level Consideration
    Beginner (0–1k): 1.1x weight
    Intermediate (1k-10k): 1.2x weight
    Master (10k-50k): 1.3x weight
    Grandmaster (50k-100k): 1.4 weight
    Legendary (100k — ): 1.5x
  3. Special Promotion
    Whenever there’re special occasions, we can add 2x weight of rewards on all the existing multiplier weight.

Upgrade feature on DAOmine

We will upgrade DAOmine liquidity mining to include “early harvesting penalty fee” UNLESS users move the farmed tokens to DAOvip for compounding.

Early-Bird for DAOvip with $DVD

As we launch $DVD, we have prepared another Early-Bird DAOvip program. It is the rewards for the stakers who stake before 26th July, UTC 2 PM on top of the rewards given by DAOvip.

The more you stake, the more rewards you can get.

  1. DVD fighter
    Stake minimal 1,000 DVD
    Duration: 30 days
    Special Reward 33 DVD
    Expected APR = 40%
  2. DVD warrior
    Stake minimal 10,000 DVD
    Duration: 45 days
    Special Reward 740 DVD
    Expected APR = 60%
  3. DVD hero
    Stake minimal 100,000 DVD
    Duration: 60 days
    Special Reward 13,151 DVD
    Expected APR = 80%

For the DVD Fighter, you will enjoy :
a) additional 10% more DVD
b) $3000 USDT for 20 Lucky Winners among the stakers


Where can I get DVD?

Users will be able to buy DVD on Uniswap.
The official DVD/ETH on Uniswap address is:
Please visit the official token contract URL here:

Where can I swap DVG with DVD?

Please visit for the $DVD Upgrade, and you can type your DVG amount to swap.

How much is a DVD worth?

It will be $0.225 as the DVD opening price, the original DAOventures IDO price.

What should I do with my DVG in DeFiWizard?

Please claim your rewards and remove the liquidity. After you have gotten your DVG back, you can swap DVG to DVD on our website ‘Upgrade’ page.

Can I still get rewards from staking in DAOmine or DAOvip?

Yes, please go to and withdraw your LP tokens.
(click “withdraw MAX withdrawal vipDVG/daoCDV only”). Your pending rewards will be sent to you afterward in the form of a new $DVD token.

Will the APR on DAOmine be changed?

APR always depends on the users who have participated in the program, and the funds as well. We can assure the earlier you participate, the higher APR you can enjoy!

What can I do after the DVD upgrade?

You can directly stake your DVD to earn more DVD on DAOvip! Now, until 26th July, UTC 2 PM you can be eligible for the Early-Bird DAOvip program, where you get additional rewards for early participation.

Looking ahead

We believe that DAOventures can thrive by constantly challenging ourselves with the community. Our mission on DeFi to be more accessible, more inclusive stands even higher after this DVD token relaunch.

To commemorate the relaunch, DAOventures will hold continuous official Relaunch Events with DVD starting today, the 16th of July. The supportive community members can enjoy airdrops, meme campaigns, celebrating our relaunch together. We will provide details of the process of relaunch constantly through our social media so stay tuned!

Thank you for your enthusiastic support of our project.

DAOventures Team

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