BSC Spaceship — The real gems undervalued on BSC

BSC Spaceship

Everyone is waiting for the moon, and DAOventures introduces a spaceship specially designed for you. BSC Spaceship is a go-to strategy for the followers of the BSC ecosystem. This strategy invests in all the top tokens on BSC.

A lot of people love BSC for being at the forefront of providing the alternative network to the Ethereum Mainnet with incredibly high gas fee. This strategy will not only benefit you with low gas fee, but also with the special basket of BSC-focused tokens.

Investing Approach

BSC Spaceship strategy is very similar to DAO Citadel strategy as well on Ethereum mainnet, but built on BSC network to take advantage of the lower gas fees. With lower fees guaranteed on BSC, the users can enjoy higher yield farmed and compounded more frequently.

This strategy was specifically designed for investing in projects that have the lowest market cap to TVL ratio, so called ‘undervalued’. It can be highly risky to invest in these projects, but also potentially very rewarding. According to the designed allocations, these undervalued tokens are paired up with BNB and BUSD on BSC to create liquidity and farmed on PancakeSwap.

With this, the overall strategy not only benefits from the appreciation of the price of the tokens but also benefits from the additional rewards the liquidity pools offer. For compounding, the rewards for farming CAKE generated by the liquidity pools are then automatically sold at regular intervals and are then reinvested back into the LP.


The actual pairs provided in this strategy look like this:

  • 25% BNB-XVS
  • 25% BNB-BELT
  • 25% BUSD-CHESS

Portfolio Growth

Incentives earned from yield farming these pairs would automatically be compounded by our smart contracts. The portfolio will be rebalanced to reset the strategy back to its standard allocations and weights laid out above so that you will always maintain a balanced allocation!


A standard risk when it comes to providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges is impermanent loss. If you want to know more about the impermanent loss, please check this article, made by Binance Academy.


Besides the standard 0.5%-1% deposit fees and 20% profit sharing fees (see here for more details), there is a 10% fee on the yield farmed which is used to pay the gas fees associated with harvesting rewards and depositing LPs.

About DAOventures

DAOventures is a DeFi ETF Index Fund for fund managers and crypto investors. Its mission is to make DeFi simpler, more accessible, and inclusive. DAOventures provides baskets of auto-compounding LPs, upon innovatively designed crypto ETF index funds.




DeFi ETF Index Fund, basket of auto-compounding LPs

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DeFi ETF Index Fund, basket of auto-compounding LPs

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