DAOventures closes 20x oversubscribed private investment round

The $1.3 million raised ahead of our anticipated public sale came from several prolific investors within the blockchain space

5 min readFeb 1, 2021


We are pleased to announce that our private token sale was a success and we are thankful to have received investment from some of the sector’s most reputable investors. The DAOventures platform looks to make the power of DeFi instruments available to the mass market and, as the projects evolves and we partner with other high-profile projects in the blockchain space, we are proud to be surrounded by institutional partners and investors that have a long-term commitment and are aligned with our overall ethos.

With no seed round or pre-mine for team members or advisors, initial funding for the early development of the DAOventures platform came directly from the founders themselves. This fresh injection of capital will enable us to expand operations and add to the already diverse suite of DeFi tools available to users of the platform.

With interest in the DAOventures private sale extremely high we were very quickly 20x oversubscribed and had to close the round much earlier than planned. The levels of expertise and the quality of assistance brought to the table by our private sale investors reflects their belief in the DAOventures vision to deliver a world-class DeFi product that will accelerate the mass adoption of decentralized finance products.

Moonrock Capital

Based in London and Hamburg, Moonrock Capital is a blockchain advisory firm and investment partnership that looks to incubate and invest in the very best cryptocurrency, blockchain and DeFi startups in the world. With a diverse portfolio of equity investments, token investments and incubation clients, Moonrock Capital has helped some of the most successful projects in the space over the last few years including Polkastarter, UTrust, Ramp DeFi, Terra Virtua and many many more.

GBV Capital

Following a recent announcement, we are again happy to disclose that GBV Capital is investing in DAOventures. The portfolio of GBV Capital is an impressive one including the likes of OMG Network, DAO Maker, Serum and Linear Finance, and the DAOventures team are happy to be added to this list of innovative projects that are disrupting various major industries.

Astronaut Capital

With an impressive portfolio of over 65 investments, Astronaut capital explores new territories in the cryptocurrency space and comprises a team with an extensive track record in fund management, investment banking, venture capital and multi-asset analysis. Previous investments include Binance, Quarkchain, Icon, 0x Protocol, District 0x and Perlin.

X21 Digital

X21 Digital incubates, advises, funds and supports blockchain projects helping them to accelerate growth and exposure in the industry. Working with respected partners in the cryptocurrency community, the firm enables startups to expand their reach, and portfolio investments include Nord Finance, MahaDAO, Paid Network and Finxflo.

Plutus VC

Plutus VC is a multi-stage investment firm with a portfolio containing an array of successful investments ranging from some of the world’s leading online gaming companies through to well-known cyber security companies. With senior partners including Sunny Cheung, creator of the first CHINANET website, the firm focuses on innovative technologies across a wide spectrum of applications and is active in China, the USA and globally. Previous investments include 7ROAD, a popular online gaming company that was acquired by Changyou.com.

Magnus Capital

Investing and advising disruptive cryptocurrency projects in the space since 2017, Magnus Capital brings an impressive and extensive array of services to the plate. With an extensive network and access to expedited exchange listings, Magnus Capital early stage projects that are actively developing scalable solutions in the decentralized finance ecosystem. Previous investments and partners include TrustSwap, UniLend, Cere, Origin Protocol and HXRO.

Ascensive Asset Management

Having recently invested in various successfully-launched DeFi startups including Kira Network, Finance.Vote and Union Finance, Acensive Asset Management invests exclusively into promising early-stage projects within the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors.

Black Edge Capital

Offering a range of funding, consulting and marketing services to early stage blockchain startups, Black Edge Capital brings a wide range of development and incubation services to projects in the space. Past and current strategic partners include Fantom, Coti and Decentr, and amongst some of their many investments are projects such as Stafi, Maskbook, Tomochain, Kylin and Hypernet.

White Palm Ventures

A new venture capital firm founded in late 2020, White Palm Ventures already boasts an impressive investment portfolio including projects such as Polkastarter, e-Money, APY Finance and Terra Virtua. Led by the founders of HedgedInterest, returns for the investment fund surpassed 30x in 2020.

Faculty Capital

As an active investor in DAOventures, Faculty Capital provides a range of services and opportunities to investment partners including exchange connectivity, advisory and marketing strategy.

JUN Capital

JUN capital connects high-potential cryptocurrency projects with Asia’s largest markets, financial centres and their investors. Also providing tokenomics advisory, the firm is itself advised by Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum.

The DeFi platform for the real world

DAOventures represents a big step forward for the world of decentralized financial services — we are making the complex world of DeFi technology simpler to understand, and by doing so we are opening up the gates to mainstream investors and traditional finance. The potential power of DeFi is all but limitless and by lowering barriers to entry with simple to understand tools and services, we aim to set the benchmark for the future of secure, simple and third-party-free investing.

We are both proud and excited to have been supported by so many investors, and thank everyone for their interest in DAOventures in recent months.

DAOventures Public sale

Having had overwhelming interest and support from some of the world’s leading investment firms thus far, we expect the DAOventures public sale to be equally as popular as our private sale.

We will soon be releasing information related to the upcoming public token sale, so be sure to check our social media pages and join the DAOventures Telegram community to learn more.

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