DAOventures Community Bounty — Earn $DVD Rewards now

Today we are excited to announce an exciting new opportunity for our DAOventures community to earn $DVD rewards while contributing to the growth of the community — The DAOventures Bounty Program.


  • The Bounty Program allows DAOventures supporters to earn $DVD tokens as a reward for completing specific tasks.
  • Tasks range from simple tasks such as promoting DAOventures on social media channels to advanced tasks. (refer to table at the bottom)
  • This is an ongoing campaign. As the scope increases, we will be introducing additional tasks for different talents in the future.
  • Please follow DAOventures Twitter, and join our official Discord channel
  • To get the latest bounty information or if you have queries, please also join our partner, Lighthouse Bounty group, who will be managing the bounty for us.

How to participate in the DAOventures Community Bounty Campaign

DAOventures believes the community is the heart of the successful project, and that is why the bounty program isn’t exclusive. Anyone from the DAOventures community can participate in the program.

Participation in the DAOventures Bounty Program is simple and straightforward as the following:

  1. Follow Twitter and join Discord community.
  2. Check the table below regarding tasks and rewards.
  3. Complete the given task.
  4. Submit the link of the completed task in the Google Form: https://forms.gle/Rdaq9ukFqBJBGJ4o7
  5. The admins will verify the completed task.
  6. Upon successful verification, $DVD rewards will be sent to the given polygon wallet address.

*DAOventures team reserves the right to make the final decision on the quality of the tasks and choose the winner for tasks.

Bounty Tasks & Rewards

The rewards for the bounty tasks will be as follows:

Please note:

Based on community feedback, the team has the discretion to amend the rewards and activities. Guidelines and more information about the tasks will be shared by the admins in the Lighthouse group.

Rewards will be tallied and distributed at the end of the month. (a minimum of $50 worth of rewards per participant must be accumulated before distribution).

Good luck!

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