DAOventures $DVD Referral Program

2 min readAug 10, 2021


DAOventures, the multi-chain DeFi asset manager platform offers a $DVD Referral Program you can make money from!

Basic Rule

  • What your referrer needs to do: minimum $100 deposit in any DAOventures strategies
  • What you get: 10% of your referees’ deposit amount (max $3,000 in total) in DVD
  • What your referees get: Additional DVD rewards equivalent to 10% of their total deposit (max $100 per user and max $3000 in total)
  • Referral period: 25th Aug - 8th Sep.
  • Locking Period: Referees must hold their funds in the chosen strategies for a minimum of 2 weeks
  • Referral code: Specified decimal place for referral deposits (eg. $100.28)
  • Payout: 22nd September

How to apply

How to get the maximum payout?

  • You, as a referrer, will be assigned a specific decimal place for referral deposits (eg. $100.28) to distinguish your referral code that is unique to you.
  • Share this referral program on your social media to attract referees!
  • Your referees deposit into DAOventures strategies with amounts that end in the specified amount (eg. $3029.28 would qualify, $3029.01 would not)
  • You receive 10% of the deposited amount within 28 days of the deposit!

About DAOventures

DAOventures is a smart multi-chain DeFi asset manager.

DAOventures provides a wide range of automated DeFi investment strategies and helps people manage their DeFi assets so that everyone can enjoy the full benefits of DeFi investment with the click of a button.

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