DAOventures $DVD Referral Program — Sep 2021 Edition

Basic Rule

  • What your referrer needs to do: minimum $200 deposit in any DAOventures strategies
  • What you get: 10% of your referees’ deposit amount (max $3,000 in total) in DVD
  • What your referees get: Additional DVD rewards equivalent to 10% of their total deposit (max $200 per user)
  • Referral period: 3 weeks (23rd Sep — 13th Oct)
  • Locking Period: Referees must hold their funds in the chosen strategies for a minimum of 2 weeks
  • Referral code: Specified decimal place for referral deposits (eg. $200.31)
  • Payout: 31st October

How to apply

How to get the maximum payout?

  • You, as a referrer, will be assigned a specific decimal place for referral deposits (eg. $200.31) to distinguish the referral code that is unique to you.
  • The admin will reach out to you with your referral code so please make sure are available on your social media.
  • Your referees deposit into DAOventures strategies with amounts that end in the specified amount (eg. $3029.31 would qualify, $3029.01 would not)

🚀Special Event

◾️ Share DAOventures Referral Program to Social Media!

If you share DAOventures Referral Program to these social media and tag us,
eg. Twitter, Reddit, Discord, we’ll choose 5 lucky winners for $200 USDT rewards!

1. Include ‘DAOventures’, ‘$DVD’, ‘DeFi investment’ in the contents you share.
2. Include this link: https://www.daoventures.co/
3. Send DM at Twitter(@VenturesDAO), Telegram(@sarahkwon), Discord(@SarahJKK#4098) with the proof of your posts.

◾️ Be the KING of referral!

If you have more than a $10,000 deposit in total from your referees, you will receive additional DVD rewards equivalent to 10% of their total deposit (max $100,000 per referrer)!

About DAOventures

DAOventures is a multi-chain DeFi investing platform for fund managers and crypto investors. Its mission is to make DeFi simpler, more accessible, and inclusive. DAOventures is a team of engineers, researchers, crypto-investors, DeFi & NFT adopters, and problem solvers who want to build and accelerate the future of money, together.

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