DAOventures newsletter — April Week 1 2022

Strategy Performance

DAO Golden Cross: +3.94%

DAO Metaverse: +2.27%

DAO AVAX DEX indexfarm: +16.11%

DAO AVAX Farm: +7.6%

This week’s best-performing assets

AssangeDAO (JUSTICE): +175.53%

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY): +133.86%

Alpha Finance (ALPHA): +103.38%

Gelato (GEL): +81.35%Market Insight

El Salvador’s Bitcoin Experiment

Alex Kantrowitz, writing for Decrypt, appears to be optimistic. He said in El Zonte, a small town of 3000 in El Salvador, bitcoin took off for a reason.

First, it was useful to people. The most immediate benefit was that it helped Salvadorans avoid exploitative remittance fees they paid on the $6 billion that friends and family outside the country sent back each year.

And now, bitcoin is everywhere in El Salvador. One can use it at McDonald’s, fancy coffee shops, or small groceries run from people’s living rooms that have QR codes hanging out front to enable Bitcoin transactions.

It appears the experiment is working out and President Nayib Bukele is planning to launch bitcoin-backed bonds to raise $1 billion for El Salvador.

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Inflation & Crypto

But is this true? COVID-19 presented the ideal conditions to test this theory once countries across the world began injecting trillions of dollars into their economies.

From May 2020 through April 2021, inflation was very low, although it did increase near the end of the period. Meanwhile, bitcoin boomed.

Recently, inflation has been sharply higher, but bitcoin has languished. A few days ago, bitcoin started to trend upwards only because Terraform Labs and others started purchasing a lot of bitcoin to back Luna.

For the moment, it’s still too early to tell if bitcoin can be a hedge against inflation, but what’s undeniable is, that since its creation, bitcoin has outperformed many traditional asset classes.

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Partner’s Update: Metapoly Genesis NFT Sale

IDO Genesis NFT Mint Details

  • NFT Type: Genesis NFT
  • Price: $500
  • Accepted Currency: ETH / USDT / USDC
  • Total Supply: 300–30 Ape Gang, 90 Crown, 90 Key, 90 Moneybag
  • NFT Property: 4 — Ape Gang, Crown, Key, Moneybag

IDO Genesis NFT Mint Timeline

  • Phase 1 Minting : 2 Apr 8pm SGT — 3 Apr 7:59pm SGT
  • Phase 2 Minting : 3 Apr 8pm SGT — 5 Apr 7:59pm SGT

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$USM: Asset-backed Stablecoin for Metaverse

Partner’s Update: CDzExchange

To invest in CDzExchange BNB2x-ALI, visit https://app.cdz.exchange/leverage

Source: https://twitter.com/CDzExchange/status/1506202719240876032

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