DAOventures newsletter — April Week 3 2022

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Market Insight #1

“By my hand DAI will die.”

True to his word, on April 1, Do introduced “4pool,” an amalgam of four stablecoins on an automated market maker (AMM), Curve Finance.

The 4pool includes Terra’s UST, Frax Finance’s FRAX, USDT (Tether), and USDC. Users will be able to deposit one of the four stablecoins into the pool to earn a yield as other users trade between the pooled assets.

What does this mean?

Do believes that “the curve wars are over,” while some believe otherwise: “Terra, Frax, and Redacted control a lot of CVX, but they don’t control enough CVX.”

There are others who think that Maker ought to join the Curve War to stake its turf.

The Curve War and Terra’s rivalry against Maker used to be 2 separate issues, but they are now commingled. Where this goes next is anybody’s guess, but whatever happens, is going to be interesting and make DeFi history.

Market Insight #2

Bitcoin Miami Recap

Lummis shared that she sees legislators becoming increasingly open to the idea of passing favorable rules catered to Bitcoin that would foster innovation in the country.

Meanwhile, in a panel titled “Overcoming Idea Inertia”, which saw the participation of Andrew Yang, journalist Glenn Greenwald said, “All of my causes of freedom of speech and anti-imperialism fit within Bitcoin.”

“Bitcoin offers the ability to solve so many of those problems which both the left and right should be really excited about.”

Crypto ETFs

Teucrium’s Bitcoin futures ETF sparks spot ETF talk

Unlike the other futures Bitcoin ETFs, the application for this one was filed under the Securities Act of 1933.

The SEC has said that the 1933 act doesn’t offer enough consumer protections in several of its spot Bitcoin ETF denials.

But now that a futures Bitcoin ETF has been approved under it, it appears a major obstacle has been removed.

Partner’s Update: Genesis NFTs officially sold out & Faction NFTs coming soon!

Our partner Metapoly has sold out all 300 of their NFTs.

The team has raised US$150K. The funds will be used as such:

  • $50k for marketing/community/development
  • $50k for audit cost and token related legal fees
  • $50k for upcoming liquidity for IEO preparation

What’s next?

Metapoly will be launching the stablecoin $USM and Faction NFTs!

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