DAOventures Project Updates: April Recap & Plan for May

Towards the end of April, we want to recap past events and achievements and give our community an outlook about what is to come in May.


Since our last product launch at the end of March, both the DeFi market and the DAOventures project has witnessed some rapid developments. DeFi market cap has reached 100 billion US dollars.

DAOventures has secured quite some good updates regarding product, exchanges and team growth. The most notable events include product UI updates, new investment strategies including ETFs, new team additions, the listing on CEX and DEX, changes in the private sales’ token vesting schedule and third-party audits on our Smart Contracts.


New Investment Strategies

On top of the current Beta version, there are 5 more strategies lined up in the upcoming new platform.

DAOventures will be introducing a highly experimental portfolio strategy to take advantage of rising crypto asset prices, and liquidity mining rewards.

  • Flagship vault — “The DAO Citadel Vault”.

Risk Level: Advanced

Named the Citadel vault, this strategy is a market weighted index, but with a modern twist. Crypto Twitter often references an imaginary promised land in the not so distant future known as the Citadel. The meme is based on a Reddit post written by a time traveller, supposedly from the year 2025, who had gone back in time to the year 2013 to inform bitcoiners what the utopia of the future looks like. If you have bitcoin, you can enter the Citadel. If you don’t, no entry for you. This strategy aims to be your passport into the Citadel! (For more details about the allocations, growth and risks, please subscribe to our Medium channel)

  • Harvest-Farmer

Harvest-Farmer is a yield aggregator platform that builds on top of Harvest Finance products. It lets users deposit tokens to Harvest Finance strategy and stake the fAsset (LP Token) that they received to earn FARM token. When it comes to withdraw, Harvest-Farmer withdraws token from Harvest Finance with profit, claim mined FARM token and swap them to token same as deposit token, adding the total amount of user’s profit gained.

  • Compound-Farmer

Compound-Farmer is a lending platform that builds on top of Compound. It helps users to lend their idle tokens to Compound. When it comes to withdrawal, Compound-Farmer withdraws token from Compound with profit, claims distributed COMP token and swaps them to token same as users lending token, adding the amount of user’s profit gained.

  • Yearn-Farmer

Yearn-Farmer is a yield aggregator that builds on top of Yearn Finance products. Users can choose to deposit between Yearn Earn and Vault products.

Major Platform User Interface Updates

The team has recently refined a number of user interfaces in the DAOventures dashboard for both the desktop and mobile versions. The new UI looks much cleaner and will allow you to locate the information such as APY/ rewards easier.

The new UI design is available for both the desktop and mobile versions. These changes will be visible in our next product launch! More exciting features to be anticipated.

New Hires

Dennis Hui — Chief DeFi Strategist for DAOventures

Dennis is an experienced portfolio manager with a trad-fi background in bond trading and equity sales. Dennis is the head of product development and fixed DeFi income for Novum Alpha.

Jonathan Cheung — DAOventures’ Product Lead

Product and Operations with 5+ years of experience in hyper-growth start-ups, helping companies to rapidly expand in local and global markets. Ex-Uber and Crypto.com.

Press & Media

As our project gets more traction, our team has been invited to talk at a number of conferences, panels and talks, sharing our opinions and presenting DAOventures:

Cointelegraph China: our co-founder Victor Lee was invited by Cointelegraph China to share his views about #Bitcoin #defi and the trends in the space along with stellar speakers from Bybit exchange, HCM Prominent, Polkadot, Plasma.Finance, amongst others!

Odaily: our China co-founder Belinda Zhou was joined by Dodo, dYdX, Stone, ForTube, Axia8 Ventures and PAnews to discuss DeFi and what role DAOventures would play to add more liquidity to the DeFi space.

Casper roadshow: our China co-founder Belinda Zhou was invited by Casper Labs in Shanghai to share DAOventures’ plans and views about the DeFi space and its future developments.

Exchange Listing

DEX: DVG is available on Binance Smart Chain and has listed successfully on Pancakeswapa recently. Purchase $DVG link: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap, select $DVG and input token address at 0x51e00a95748dbd2a3f47bc5c3b3e7b3f0fea666c

DAOventures is using ChainSwap to bridge our native token DVG between Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH). Users can swiftly bridge DVG to BSC and ETH using ChainSwap on Chainswap.exchange

Swap your $DVG ERC20 to BEP20 at http://Chainswap.exchange

DVG is also listed on centralized exchanges such as MXC.com and Abit.com. Feel free to head over and start trading!

Upcoming Plans 👀

  1. Token economics upgrade
  • vipDVG (fee sharing with DVG buyback)
  • DAOstake (liquidity mining)
  • DVG as the transaction fee (gas) replacement

2. Partnership with other blockchain protocols for interoperability & cross-chain.

3. Launching more DeFi products, money market solutions and AMM products.

  • “Market-weighted-crypto-Index” ie, crypto ETF
  • Harvest farmers (simple & complex strategies)
  • Trading related DeFi strategies
  • BSC protocol strategies