DAOventures Project Updates: August & September

Hello $DVD DeFi warriors!

It’s already mid-September, and here we are to report back to you on what we have been doing over the past month from August to today.

✅DAO FAANG Stonks & Money Printer Goes Brrrrr 💸 LIVE for your passive income!
✅DAOventures New Website!
✅DVD Upgrade Complete & DAOvip Staking — business as usual

For more exciting news coming in September, wait till you read the whole article!

💻 August Update

Are you a stock investor? But not so awesome with KYC?

You came to the right place. DAO FAANG Stonks gives you exposure to the world’s top 5 tech giants as your asset. Except on steroids, and only half the volatility.

The new glorious DAOventures website is out!
On our new website, we focus more on introducing our product, our core mission.

Your DeFi Fund Manager, DAOventures

Another cool thing about the new website is that you can now read about our strategies, download the fact sheet.

Of course on our app, it’s much clearer to see the overview of each strategy before you deposit.

We have spent a long time getting back on track and giving full attention to our DVD hodlers since the Chainswap exploit. Now, the DVD upgrade is finished and we have 555 pure royal hodlers on the ERC blockchain. If you have any questions, regarding the DVD upgrade, we’re always on Telegram or Discord, so feel free to find us.

That being said, the DAOvip staking program is up and running as we launched upon the token upgrade. We have updated related information and FAQ on Gitbook, to avoid any confusion in the staking & reward distribution system. The basic concept of vipDVD is very similar to xSUSHI, and you’ll see your DVD amount plus rewards upon your withdrawal.

🌟September Plan

We know you’re enjoying both Citadel and FAANG Stonks strategies, but we have an even better version of them coming!
We are currently relying on other protocols to do the auto-compounding, which means those platforms take a fee every time we harvest the yield. Now that we’re building our own auto-compounding system, overall the harvesting of yield is more efficient.
More money reinvested, more yield for the investors too!

Everyone knows that NFT & Metaverse is HOT🔥 So we got you covered!
If you are an art collector, NFT hunter, gamer, now it’s time for you to create your passive income by investing in the major metaverse projects. As always, we’ll do the research, we’ll create the best DeFi portfolio for you. You just need to deposit and enjoy the yield!

The referral program has always been on our to-do list, cause word-of-mouth is the best way to build a bigger community. Since the first referral program has been small, we’re planning on launching the second referral program. This time, on a bigger scale!
If you care about your friends’ passive income, get ready to share our DeFi investment strategies and earn money together. Sharing is caring💞

As we are working towards attracting more TVL, expanding the awareness of our project, youtube collaboration is in the plan. We can’t reveal who & when yet, but we’re very excited to be featured on one of the best crypto investment channels out there.
Along with our exposure on youtube, a major airdrop for DeFi investors is brewing too. If you have ever used our product, our partners’ product, you’ll be easily eligible for this huge airdrop. If you haven’t done so already, then go to app.daoventures.co to experience the best DeFi asset management!

About DAOventures

DAOventures is a multi-chain DeFi investing platform for fund managers and crypto investors. Its mission is to make DeFi simpler, more accessible, and inclusive. DAOventures is a team of engineers, researchers, crypto-investors, DeFi & NFT adopters, and problem solvers who want to build and accelerate the future of money, together.

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