DAOventures Project Updates: July Recap & Plan for August

Hello $DVD warriors!

As we marched in the August, we saw the crypto market go back full-on a BULL run. We are happy to share our footsteps in July and give you a sneak peek on the plan for August.

✅DAOventures Brand New Relaunch with $DVD Upgrade!
✅DAOvip is LIVE! Stake $DVD and earn vipDVD!
✅Incredible performance with Citadel & Cuban’s Ape for your quirkiness!
✅$10K Grand Airdrop for $DVD HOLDERs
✅Partnership & Events
- Partnership with Polygon
- CDzExchange IDO allocation for $DVD stakers
- AMA with MEXC & PlotX

Plan for August─ wait till you read it all👀

💻 Product Update

We can’t be more proud to show this chart than anything else for July achievements.

Basically, since we launched, BTC is only up 1.03% and ETH is down -10%, but our DAO Citadel strategy is up 3.91% in the same period.

Is there any better crypto Citadel for you? We bet there isn’t.

To give you a recap, the DAO Citadel strategy is a crypto ETF for taking advantage of rising crypto asset prices, and liquidity mining rewards. Another key point is that you can enjoy compounding yield farming rewards in a platform like SushiSwap.

Another series of DeFi investment strategies with the inspiration of billionaire celebrities is LIVE — Cuban’s Ape, inspired by Mark Cuban .

  • 15% renDOGE
    Because his basketball team accepts DOGE for ticket and merchandise payment!
  • 15% MATIC
    He has made an investment (sum not disclosed) into Polygon, the internet of blockchains.
  • 14% AAVE
    The money market platform is one of his first forays into Ethereum DeFi. Aavesome
  • 14% SUSHI
  • Sushi has made his money and he found it easy to use.
  • 14% AXS
    Axie Infinity is one of the most popular blockchain games, with a bustling #NFT marketplace.
  • 14% INJ
    Because it challenges Robinhood as a decentralized competitor.
  • 14% ALCX
    The internet peeked into Cuban’s Ethereum wallet and found out he was holding ALCX.

These are all of the HOT coins in the mainstream DeFi world. We know you love Polygon, AAVE, SUSHI, NFTs.

So we got’em all!

We are happy to announce that our grand relaunch has been a success, with the brand new token $DVD!

Everyone is available for the $DVD upgrade with DVG:DVD = 1:1 ratio. You can visit https://app.daoventures.co/upgrade for your upgrade. Pending rewards from previous DAOmine, DeFi Wizard gas fee reimbursement, BSC DVG upgrade, Uniswap LP reimbursement, etc are on the way.

Total reimbursement amount: 496,894.5 DVD

Not to mention the fact that DAOvip is now available with $DVD, we have upgraded DAOvip to a tiered level program, where users get additional DVD rewards for staking in DAOvip.

All vipDVG token holders get additional APY% on all liquidity mining rewards. WHAT!!!

Level Consideration

Beginner (0–1k): 1.1x weight
Intermediate (1k-10k): 1.2x weight
Master (10k-50k): 1.3x weight
Grandmaster (50k-100k): 1.4 weight
Legendary (100k — ): 1.5x

So don’t forget to upgrade & STAKE right away.

🤝 Partnership & Events

CDzExchange IDO is really getting close now!

And since DAOventures is a great partner of CDzExchange . We’ve prepared a special event only for $DVD stakers.

With the whitelist open & close date is yet to be announced, $DVD DAOvip stakers will get a chance to get whitelisted. Plus, you’ll get 20% cashback on your IDO purchase. What a great deal!

Read more on this event: https://daoventuresco.medium.com/stake-dvd-to-win-allocation-for-cdzexchanges-ido-724debea35c1

After the $DVD Upgrade, MEXC support on new token integration & new $DVD trading is also available. To celebrate our long-lasting partnership, we have held AMA on MEXC Global Telegram Community.

We received again a huge welcome from the community members.

Here’s the recap of the AMA: https://daoventuresco.medium.com/ama-recap-mexc-global-acf1b9e126fd

You can now buy DVD at MEXC: https://mexc.com/exchange/DVD_USDT

We have successfully held our cross-AMA with PlotX community. PlotX is a prediction market protocol. Ever since DAOventures launched, our mission has been to make DeFi more accessible, easy, and fun! We hope that the potential partnership with PlotX will bring synergy on our journey.

You can listen to the Audio AMA with PlotX on DAOventures Youtube.

Plan for August🌟

My my, it is actually coming! Have you ever thought of investing in FAANG stocks, but with crypto? Yes, you heard it right. With Mirror Protocol , we will be able to bring you profit by investing in your favorite tech giants stocks.

Everyone knows that Polygon is the spicy one🔥 these days. We are partnering with Polygon to provide you much more interesting DeFi investment strategy. There is only so much we can reveal, but metaverse is gonna be there! Shhhhhh…🤫

DAOmine is your go-to reward generator, just with your LP token. You don’t have to worry about utilizing LP anymore with DAOmine. Liquidity mining is a renowned way of yield farming with additional token rewards.

DAOearn is a Stablecoin strategy that builds on top of Curve and Convex protocols, and does compounding on top of it to get higher APY. The underlying assets are not affected by the crypto volatile market, so you can expect a reliable growth of your deposits.

We can’t tell you so much about this yet, but we know you guys love prediction games. Indeed, DeFi space is adopting prediction games a lot these days. So you’ll have it on DAOventures, too! Stay tuned!

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