DAOventures Project Updates: June Recap & Plan for July

6 min readJul 2, 2021


Hello $DVG warriors!

As we marched in the month of June, we saw the crypto market go bearish. However, we don’t stop innovating. We did our best to make DeFi more accessible to everyone in the world!

Thank you for supporting us in such a journey and we’re here to report June activities and take a sneak peek in July.


✅Alpha Product has finally launched!
✅DAOvip is out! Stake $DVG and earn vipDVG!
✅We are proud to announce that we have secured audits before the launch!
👉Full report: https://github.com/daoventures/dao-audits/
✅Partnership & Events
The Grand AMA Series!
Partnership with CDzExchange, Biconomy
Daily Happy Hour⏰ for free gas
Weekly Community Call 📞

Plan for July ─ wait till you read it all👀

💻 Product Update

The highlight of the highlights in June is definitely the Alpha Product Launch!

Did you know that:
— We have fully audited our product with DVG token, the DAO Citadel, Vault strategies?
— Our flagship product, the DAO Citadel, enables you with exposure to BTC, ETH, and DeFi blue chips with an APY of 55–75%!!

Within a month since this launch, despite the bear market, DAOventures has hit $1M TVL on June 25th!

❤️Huge shout out to our community again!
Here are some details of our product launch during June.


The DAO Citadel
This is a highly experimental crypto ETF DAOventures presents to take advantage of rising crypto asset prices, and liquidity mining rewards. This strategy uses a market-weighted index, but with a modern twist.

This strategy is not only established with the major cryptocurrencies but pairing up positions to enjoy compounded yield farming rewards in the platform like SushiSwap. So users can benefit from both a price appreciation on WBTC and ETH and yield farming incentives as LPs.

What a citadel you would have if you invest in this strategy!

Elon’s Ape
This uncomplicated strategy is a long-only basket of the 3 tickers most closely associated with Elon Musk. User deposits will be allocated evenly into ERC20 versions of Tesla, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin. This portfolio is themed around the popularity of one eccentric billionaire.

As you can see from this backtest result, you can try this strategy to challenge yourself as a crypto degen. Who knows? You might join the billionaire club. 😏


DAOvip─DVG Staking Program
DAOvip is a staking program, where users can deposit DVG and get vipDVG as a reward. As we already introduced vipDVG back in May, and you can earn it on our platform: 🔗 https://app.daoventures.co/stake

Every time a user stake DVG tokens to the DAOvip pool, vipDVG tokens are minted based on their share of the pool. Currently, a special offer is available until July 5th, so don’t forget to participate in the $DVG staking!

👉Read more: https://daoventuresco.medium.com/daoventures-launches-dvg-staking-program-daovip-dacde7986814

Early users who 🥩 with us will earn these rewards below ON TOP OF what is offered by DAOvip.
- DVG Fighter: get 33 DVG by depositing min 1,000 DVG (40% APR)
- DVG Warrior: get 740 DVG by depositing min 10,000 DVG (60% APR)
- DVG Hero: get 13,151 DVG by depositing min 100,000 DVG (80% APR)

💻 Third-party Audits

Did you know that smart contract audit help recognise rug pulls?

👉Read more: https://secretsalsa.substack.com/p/crypto-tips-and-tricks-how-do-you

That’s why we’re so proud to let our community know that we have secured 7 different audits of our smart contracts and DVG token. So far the audits covered DVG Token, DAO Vault, DAO Citadel, DAOmine, DAOvip, DAOswap!

We have been closely working with Beosin, Zokyo, Solidity Finance, CertiK to audit our smart contracts. You can always check our smart contracts and audit reports here: https://github.com/daoventures/dao-audits/

💻 Partnership & Events


We partnered with CDzExchange as they aim to be the best in class cross-chain decentralized derivatives exchange protocol. And we look forward to the partnership as we thrive towards our common mission to bring DeFi to the masses.

Celebrating the partnership with CDzExchange, we hosted AMA on June 8th.

Thank you for your warm welcome to CDzExchange, and stay hyped for low-cost high-speed interoperable transactions upon this partnership!

I know you all are worried about gas fees sometimes. It’s not something we can control, right?

But yes, we can sponsor gas fee! That’s right!

DAOventures partnered with Biconomy to finally enable gas free deposits for users on Ethereum mainnet. HAPPY HOUR!

🌟So what is Happy Hour?

During the happy hour, users can deposit their funds without any gas, they just need to sign the transaction and we take care of the rest!

The gas-less Happy hour will be scheduled at 9–10am UTC, every day, all around the year. How cool is that?!! Come try our DAO Citadel strategy!


The Grand AMA Series
With the hype of our product launch, we have curated the Grand AMA series, in order to reach out to telegram crypto communities.

June 17 UTC 2pm: AMA at Crypto Daku Robinhooders
June 18 UTC 2pm: AMA at Gains Associate
June 21, UTC 1pm: AMA at Shin Chan ICO/IEO Community

There were a lot of questions regarding our strategies & future plans, and all of our team enjoyed every AMA.

Weekly Community Call
We have orchestrated something fun here! 2pm UTC, Every Tuesday in Discord 📞

Anyone and everyone can meet Belinda & Sarah for the hottest updates on DAOventures.

The first Community Call was successful by having community members send out feedback on the latest product launch. We enjoyed having you all live and share ideas about the future of DeFi.

This time, we covered
✔️ June recap & Plan for July
✔️ The current state of investment strategies

Feel free to join us every week for a chit-chat!
👉 https://discord.gg/Nbktz7XtQb

📺Press & Media

DAOventures on YouTube?!
Yes, you asked for it! So we serve it!

Our DeFi Analyst Guru, DeFi Portfolio Strategist Dennis have been invited to Human & Machine. They talked about our DeFi life from A to Z with lots of fun.
Check out the video for a deep dive into DAOventures

Another fancy video is waiting for you!
If you are a newbie in DeFi, but just want to earn that extra from DeFi, you can come to DAOventures Youtube.
This time we teach you how to connect Metamask on DAOventures. Enjoy!

We are planning on creating some intuitive basic DeFi tutorial videos!
Hope this is useful to everyone who’s interested in DeFi investment ❤️

Plan for July👀

The DAO FAANG Stonks is coming!

If you have been hesitant in investing these days because of the volatility in the market, this is the strategy for you. Stay tuned for the announcement and get ready with your funds.

DAOmine, the liquidity mining in the queue.

Liquidity mining is a kind of yield farming where users earn additional token rewards by depositing paired assets into a liquidity pool. Get excited!

Youtube Marketing has begun.

We’re partnering with your favorite youtube influencers to introduce us, so you can see what we do!

A huge airdrop is being planned for July.

This airdrop is going to be available across the most enthusiastic DeFi users!
Details to be announced, so keep it curious!

About DAOventures

DAOventures is a DeFi robo-advisor and cross-chain asset management platform. Imagine “Robinhood for DeFi”. It is our mission to make DeFi simpler, accessible & inclusive. We believe in creating a simpler, more accessible, and more open world that is permissionless, inclusive, and guided by our DNA of continuous learning, integrity, and transparency.

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