DAOventures Roadmap Q1-Q2 2022

4 min readJan 10, 2022

DAOventures in 2021

2021 has been an exciting year for DAOventures.

From the Polkastarter IDO to the dapp launch to going multichain, DAOventures has had a productive 2021 and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our community.

2022 has just started and it’s time to share our roadmap for this year. First, here’s a quick recap of 2021.

  • A total of 14 DeFi strategies went live: 7 on Ethereum mainnet, 4 on Avalanche, 2 on Binance Smart Chain, 1 on Polygo
  • DVG to DVD Upgrade after the Chainswap Exploit
  • 4 incubated projects went live or will be launching soon: Mintology, CheekyCorgi, Cesta Finance, Metapoly
  • DAOventures Bi-weekly Newsletter initiative to share a professional market insight
  • The successful launch of DAOventures Youtube channel, including the DAOventures Podcast

DAOventures has always been about making DeFi more accessible and easy to everyone. It is very important that DAOventures is part of the DeFi community, and is contributing to the entire ecosystem. On that note, DAOventures will continue its journey of doing what we believe we do best in 2022.

In Q1-Q2 2022, we plan to achieve:

  1. Project Incubations: Cesta Finance and Metapoly.org
  2. Use-cases for DVD: Swap with DAO tokens (pCESTA and pD33D)
  3. Partnerships: Other DeFi protocols partnerships DAOventures investment strategies, Prediction Game, DeFi derivatives with CDzExchange, DeFi-as-a-service (DaaS)
  4. DEX listings on Binance Smart Chain
  5. Continuing our Ambassador program and educational content for DeFi users

1. Project Incubations: Cesta Finance and Metapoly.org

Cesta Finance and Metapoly.org have been brewing under the guidance of DAOventures. While it has a very different USP in the DeFi market, these projects share a lot of similar values with DAOventures, the more accessible DeFi investment and sustainable growth of the project & community.

DAOventures will continue to support Cesta Finance and Metapoly in 2022, while building a rewarding partnership with them, so that DAOventures community will enjoy exclusive early access to the respective protocol.

2. Use-cases for DVD: Swap with DAO tokens (pCESTA and pD33D)

With the launch of these 2 new protocols, Cesta and Metapoly, DAOventures’s DVD token holders will get early exclusive invites. There will be a “swap program” for existing DAOventures’s DVD token holders to swap their existing DVD token with respective DAO tokens; Cesta’s pCESTA and Metapoly’s pD33D token. More information will be announced after confirmation.

3. Partnerships

Partnerships with other DeFi protocols associated with DAOventures investment strategies
DAOventures research, create, run the DeFi investment strategies in cross-chain: the crypto ETFs/Index Funds. However these investment strategies have not gotten so much attention from those underlying protocols. As DAOventures’ products are built in a way that benefits DeFi yield farming protocols and DEX, the team will put more effort into creating partnerships with them.

Prediction Game, DeFi derivatives with CDzExchange
DAOventures has been working very closely with CDzExchange in conjunction with the development of prediction market. While the prediction market is already live and upgrading, both projects are partnering once again to launch the Auto-Leveraged Index (ALI) on CDzExchange.

“CDzExchange aims to make participation in crypto derivatives as simple as possible. With ALI, traders can gain advantage of advanced leveraging techniques without technical knowledge. Users will have no need to actively manage their margins or face liquidation risks because ALI runs it automatically.”
CDzExchange 2022 Q1 Roadmap

DeFi-as-a-Service (DaaS)
DAOventures has a great development team, and that is one of our great strengths. Even though there are a lot of things DAOventures would like to achieve in our dapp, it is also true that DAOventures has been requested to support other projects technically.
In 2022 Q1-Q2, the team will continue to seek the opportunity to create a working business model of DAOventures being DeFi-as-a-service.

4. DEX listings on Binance Smart Chain

Ever since the upgrade of DVD, the team has been very careful about how to create the sustainable tokenomics for the DAOventures community. While the team agrees that multiple DEX and/or CEX listings will create a hype and price jump, it also doesn’t mean the sustainability of DVD use cases.

DAOventures has the resources, the contacts and most importantly, the support from the community.

5. Continuing our Ambassador program and educational content for DeFi users

It’s not unfair to ourselves to say that the biggest weakness of Indexed at present is down to public awareness (and, to a lesser degree, network effects). We consider ourselves lucky enough to be working on a protocol in a sector that’s inevitably destined for major growth: we just need the eyes. There are a host of things that we can do to improve this: Twitter threads about the indices themselves or Nirn, improved analytics on platforms such as Dune that highlight various KPIs, podcast advertisements/appearances and so on.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already a DeFi native — and that means you can probably contribute to this in some vein. Let’s talk!

To Conclude

DAOventures is now over 11 months old at the time of writing, and is still working towards the vision set from the beginning: make DeFi more accessible to everyone, create the best automated investment strategies.

The DAOventures team hope that this roadmap for Q1-Q2 2022 helps answer any questions that you have about “what’s next” for DAOventures.

Thanks for reading, and supporting our journey!