DAOventures Weekly Highlights

Dear DAOventures Community,

What a week! We have been working endless hours on new partnerships, rewards programs, entering new markets, onboarding team members and more to reach new heights day by day! We have had amazing support from the community and we are enjoying this journey (when we get a breather) and grateful for the community support. It’s only been less than a month since our IDO and we have covered so much ground already. Sometimes it’s just nice to stop, take a breather and look at all that has been achieved. Let’s give you a snapshot of what we have been up to the last few days!

Uniswap Liquidity Mining Program

On Monday 8th March, we announced and launched another brand new rewards program. This program is designed to give the DVG community an opportunity to earn rewards for providing liquidity to the network; Those who choose to provide liquidity will be rewarded based on their contributions to the liquidity pool and this will be paid in the form of DVG tokens daily!

Rewards Program Announcement: DAOventures Launches Uniswap Liquidity Mining

This program was received with much excitement as we saw strong participation from the community! The program is still ongoing until 22nd March 2021. A total of US$28,000 worth of $DVG tokens will be distributed as rewards and payments will be made daily. Users that provide liquidity to Uniswap DVG/ETH pair will earn 15,217 DVG tokens in rewards over a 14 days period. Head to our website to participate now!

DAOventures opens its doors to the Chinese community & welcomes Belinda Zhou as a Co-Founder of DAOventures China

We are very excited to announce that the DAOventures team will be making a strategic effort to enter the Chinese market as our first port of call in what will become a journey to introduce the DAOventures platform, and the still untapped potential of DeFi, to the world.

We received valuable feedback from the DVG community and decided to make moves towards fostering and enabling a Chinese DVG community. Also, during the month of February, we were one of the most discussed DeFi projects on Twitter :) This is obviously very positive news which led us to also expand our communication channels to onboard the next wave of DVG economy participants!

DAOventures opens its doors to the Chinese community

With the recent addition of Belinda Zhou, DAOventures’ co-founder in China, we are all set to start the explosive growth that will see DAOventures make some real noise in Q2 2021! Belinda is a marketing guru with over 4 years of crypto marketing and localization experience in China. She is the founder of TransGo, a blockchain-focused agency providing Chinese localization services for crypto exchanges, token funds and multiple top CoinMarketCap 100 projects. Prior to that, she was the CMO for a 21-million-dollar blockchain startup. Her marketing experience and resources in the space will greatly benefit DAOventures’ entry into the Chinese market.

We invite our community to join our new venture as we expand to even more parts of the world. You may do so by scanning the QR code below.

The formal announcement of our entry into the Chinese market went out on March 8, 2021 and we have received a great amount of attention from the Chinese media and multiple WeChat communities.

Polygon Partnership

Polygon is quickly becoming recognized as a key player in the fight to scale the Ethereum network, with various solutions that aim to ease the pressure on the world’s second-biggest blockchain during this time of rapidly evolving technology.

Our partnership with Polygon also means that users will be able to enjoy cheaper gas fees on the Ethereum network, which is an improvement on our current gas fees. We are committed to offering the DVG community the very best of DeFi and his includes offering the lowest transaction fee solutions we can find.

Partnership Announcement: DAOventures x Polygon (previously Matic Network)

As we move further into 2021 and beyond, we will continue to utilise the expertise and support of the Polygon team to expand the functionality of the DAOventures platform, in turn creating value for both the Polygon and DVG community through our range of DeFi products and services.

Oddz Partnership

We are on a mission to make as many simplified but powerfully disruptive DeFi tools available to everyone under one roof. In what is another exciting partnership with a project looking to shake-up the traditional finance space, DAOventures will be joining forces with Oddz; this collaborative effort will see users of the DAOventures platform able to participate in advanced DeFi products without needing to leave the safety and accessibility of the DAOventures’s app.

Partnership announcement: DAOventures x Oddz

This technical integration will be developed by the very capable DAOventures team to enable composability and stackability of various DeFi derivatives products. Users will be able to access a range of new features and opportunities within the DAOventures dashboard on app, all whilst retaining the security of their assets through the non-custodial nature of the DAOventures platform.

Bridge Mutual partnership

While our primary function is that of a robo-advisor, we want to give a more robust and well-rounded experience to our users. With our new partnership with Bridge Mutual, we can do just this by offering our users insurance added to their smart contracts, which greatly reduces their risk exposure as they invest.

Partnership Announcement: DAOventures x Bridge Mutual

Our integration with Bridge Mutual is a win-win for all, most of all for our users who receive increased protection while using DeFi platforms. These features are all available on a single dashboard to ensure the most seamless experience possible with investing and Insurance features in one place.


We celebrated International Women’s Day by welcoming Belinda Zhou to DAOventures team and our CMO Ravneet Kaur was a featured guest on Digital Week Online’s Women in Blockchain Panel.

We’re glad to announce that Belinda Zhou has joined us as co-founder of DAOventures China to help lead & grow the Chinese communities!

Our partner and CMO Ravneet Kaur joined a discussion during the Digital Week Online event. The future of blockchain and the uprise of more women entering the blockchain industry were discussed thoroughly!

What’s next?

The Uniswap Rewards Mining Program is still live for those who wish to participate until 22nd March, 2021. We’re so excited to be bringing some exciting news in the next few days so please stay connected on our Twitter & Telegram.

We will be hosting an AMA with Oddz tonight on DAOventures official Telegram channel at 1PM UTC with a chance to win $100 USD in prizes for 5 lucky winners! Be sure to join us!

With Love,

DAOventures Team

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