Exchange Listing Announcement: DVG Token on MXC (Matcha)

The Chinese community is already hyped for our first official exchange listing!

Having recently announced our plans to take the Chinese markets by storm, the DAOventures team is extremely excited to unveil our plans to list on the hugely popular MXC Exchange!

DVG Listing on MXC Exchange

DVG will be listed on MXC Exchange on Thursday 25th March 2021. As our first listing since Uniswap, we are very excited to be able to offer our community access to DVG and we expect fireworks from one of the most popular exchanges in the east!

DAOventures enters China

As many of the DVG community will now know, we are making a strategic entry into the budding Chinese cryptocurrency and DeFi markets and, with the addition of Belinda Zhou, DAOventures new addition to the team, we will be looking to make some noise in one of the most active and involved markets in the world. Belinda joins DAOventures as Co-Founder of DAOventures China and will be heading up communications, marketing efforts and community growth in the region. With an impressive resume and a large network including some of the biggest influencers in the region, Belinda will be spreading the word of DVG amongst the Chinese community.

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