How To Provide a Liquidity on QuickSwap?

How to buy $DVD on QuickSwap Official

To purchase $DVD go to this link:

Now click on ‘Trade’ from the right-hand side.

You’ll be redirected to the QuickSwap trading web app where you’ll be prompted to add the DVD token.

The QuickSwap app shows you an exchange platform where you can enter token pairs and swap them based on their current prices in the crypto market.

To buy $DVD from QuickSwap you need to connect your wallet.

Use the button on the top-right corner and select the digital wallet of your choice. For the purpose of this guide, we have selected MetaMask.

Enter your password and login, then go through the incoming prompts to connect your MetaMask wallet with QuickSwap Interface.

After your wallet is set up, add the currency pair. For example, if you have MATIC in your MetaMask wallet, select it as the first currency and choose $DVD as the second currency.

Then click on ‘Switch to Matic’ and start the currency swapping process.

After the process is completed, you’ll see $DVD in your MetaMask wallet.

How to provide liquidity DVD/WETH on QuickSwap?

QuickSwap Liquidity Providers will earn $QUICK for providing liquidity to the network.

Here’s how you can provide liquidity DVD/WETH on QuickSwap:

  • If you have DVD in ERC network, then transfer DVD from erc to matic(polygon) network using bridge
  • The second step is to pool the tokens of equal supply in corresponding dollar amounts.
  • Go to the pool section of the QuickSwap web interface and add DVD. You can copy and paste this address to select the DVD token:


  • Select WETH as the first pair and $DVD as the second pair, and connect your wallet.
  • Once your wallet is connected you can provide liquidity in WETH and DVD, as shown below.

There you have it! Enjoy the lower gas when providing the liquidity on QuickSwap with Polygon

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