Introducing Avalanche ETF Index Fund

1. DeXToken-AVAX strategy

Estimated returns: 82.01% as of Oct 2021

  • JOE 22.5% (AVAX-JOE pair)
  • PNG 22.5% (AVAX-PNG pair)
  • LYD 5% (AVAX-LYD pair)
  • AVAX 50%

2. DeXToken-Stablecoin strategy

Estimated returns: 178.41% as of Oct 2021

  • JOE 40% (USDC-JOE pair)
  • PNG 5% (USDT-PNG pair)
  • LYD 5% (DAI-LYD pair)
  • USDT 5%
  • USDC 40%
  • DAI 5%

3. AVAX-Stablecoin strategy

Estimated returns: 63.05% as of Oct 2021

  • AVAX 50%
  • DAI 25% (DAI-AVAX pair)
  • USDC 22.5% (USDC-AVAX pair)
  • USDT 2.5% (USDT-AVAX pair)

4. Stablecoin-Stablecoin strategy

Estimated returns: 20.13% as of Oct 2021

  • USDT 33.33%
  • USDC 33.33%
  • DAI 33.33%
  • USDT-USDC pair on Trader Joe
  • USDT-DAI pair on Trader Joe
  • USDC-DAI pair on Trader Joe

Portfolio Growth



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DeFi ETF Index Fund, basket of auto-compounding LPs

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DeFi ETF Index Fund, basket of auto-compounding LPs

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