Introducing, Money Printer Goes Brrrrr with Polygon💸


Back to our flagship product! We’re proud to introduce Money Printer Goes Brrrr💸💸💸. This strategy helps you compound your stablecoins at an accelerated rate, just like good old Money Printer.

🤓Too good to be true? Here’s how we achieve this:

The First DeFi strategy on Polygon🚀

Investing Methodology

This strategy distributes your stablecoins into DEX liquidity pools on Polygon. LP incentives earned from these platforms are frequently harvested and sold back into stablecoins, which then get redistributed back into the pools, to earn rewards at a faster and faster rate.


We provide liquidity to stablecoin pools on 3 exchanges.

  • USDT-DAI, on Quickswap
  • aDAI-aUSDT-aUSDC, on Curve


Incentives earned from yield farming these pairs (eg QUICK, WMATIC, CRV, etc) would be sold many times a minute to stablecoins to keep growing the pool size over time.

- Expected APR on average: 8%-15%


Volatility risk, and risk of impermanent loss, are minimal because all liquidity in this strategy is held as stablecoins. But this does not eliminate systemic risk in the stablecoins.

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