Be the Messengers of DeFi — Introducing the DAOventures Ambassador Program!

What is the DAOventures Ambassador Program about?

DAOventures Ambassadors will have to:

  1. Educate new users and the general public about the DAOventures platform and our ETF, index fund strategies
  2. Engage and generate new conversations about DeFi on our Discord
  3. Write easy-to-understand posts and design simple infographics to help increase interest in DAOventures product, DeFi investment across social media
  4. Be enthusiastic and connect with people from other projects to drive their interest in DAOventures and DeFi

Who Are We Looking For?

There are 2 levels of Ambassadors.

  1. Messenger:
    - All ambassadors starting out will be a Messenger
  2. Messenger Lead:
    - Messengers who have performed well will be promoted to Messenger Lead.
    - Messenger Leads can post more content and receive more compensation.


  1. Guidance: Direct access to an experienced team, including but not limited to our co-founder Victor Lee and product lead Jon Cheung (ex-UBer, You will also be guided by our marketing manager Sarah and community manager Peng.
  2. Networking: Access to the private Ambassador Discord Channel with regular meetings with other ambassadors, to grow your personal network.
  3. Behind-the-scenes involvement with DAOventures development
  4. Personal growth from learning news skills and gaining more knowledge in DeFi, the hottest sector in the world now.
  5. Last but not least, financial compensation in the form of stablecoins or DVD tokens.

What you will get as DAOventures Ambassadors

  • 1x for Low engagement (<20 Likes and <20 Retweets)
  • 2x for Intermediate quality & decent engagement (20–50 Likes and 20–50 Retweets)
  • 3x for Excellent quality & great engagement (>100 Likes and >100 Retweets)

Rewards per Task

  • MUST: Engaging in conversations in Discord — Unlimited — $100 max
  • Tweets — Max 2 per day — $5
  • Infographic — Max 1 per week — $10
  • Short video (<5 mins) — Max 2 per month — $50
  • 500-word blog post — Max 2 per month — $100

Best Performing Ambassadors

How to become a DAOventures Ambassador

  1. Submit your application HERE
  2. One of our team will reach out to you within 2 weeks for an initial call to learn more about you and your experience.
  3. Once selected, you will receive an email from us. There will be a paid 2-weeks trial period. After passing the trial period, you will then be an official DAOventures Ambassador!

Apply NOW!

About DAOventures

Website | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Linkedin




DeFi ETF Index Fund, basket of auto-compounding LPs

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DeFi ETF Index Fund, basket of auto-compounding LPs

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