New DAOventures DVD token model

In this post, we are going to summarize the new plan on DAOventures DeFi (DVD) token design from a token engineering perspective. The major structure of the token model doesn’t change, however DAOventures team has decided that it would be beneficial to clear out some frequently asked questions regarding the supply and liquidity mining to tune our token distribution plan, moving forward with our product development.


  1. The total supply: DVD will be capped at 15m tokens
  2. Tokens from Treasury wallet: 7.4m tokens
    - Token Address:
    - 1.5m tokens for DAOventures team
    - 400k for DVG-DVD upgrade related emergencies
    - 5.5m tokens for DAOvip and Uniswap DVD/ETH LP stakers reward distribution
  3. DAOmine reward:
    - Delayed until our TVL reaches $100m; or
    - The number of users and fees generated are sufficient to counter new inflation


The current total supply remains the same, which is capped at 15m DVD. For the DAOmine rewards, that are marked in the original tokenomics, will be delayed until there is a sustainable amount of TVL. This is to prevent price dump and selling pressure.

In our Treasury wallet, there are 7.4m DVDs. Among them, 1.5m DVDs will be reserved for DAOventures team. An additional 400k DVDs will be kept for unexpected emergencies regarding DVG-DVD upgrade. However, these will be either burned or distributed to DAOvip stakers by the end of December. The rest of 5.5m DVDs will be distributed to DAOvip and Uniswap DVD/ETH LP stakers for the next 2 years.

Benefits for DVD token holders

  1. DVD token buyback from strategies profit remains the same. Deposit fees and profit-sharing fees generated through our products will be used to buy back DVD from Uniswap.
    - ie. $100m TVL = $1m in fees generated. 40% of the $1m = $400k will be used to buy back DVDs on Uniswap.
    - ie. $100m with 20% APR = $20m LP profit. 20% profit sharing from $20m profit = $4m. 40% of the $4m = $1.6m will be used to buy back DVDs on Uniswap.
  2. Reduce selling pressure. By pausing the minting of additional DVD tokens, the reduced supply of DVD should benefit all existing DVD token holders.

Moving Forward

Over the last couple of months, the DAOventures team spent a lot of attention upgrading our DVD token. From now on, we will focus 100% on the DeFi strategies development to attract TVL and growth, back to creating real value and meaningful product development for the DeFi investors.

About DAOventures

DAOventures is a smart multi-chain DeFi asset manager.

DAOventures provides a wide range of automated DeFi investment strategies and helps people manage their DeFi assets so that everyone can enjoy the full benefits of DeFi investment with the click of a button.

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