PancakeSwap Trading Competition Results Announcement

2 min readMay 20, 2021


Dear DVG Warriors,

🎉The DVG Pancakeswap trading competition has come to an end! Thank you for your active participation on our PancakeSwap trading competition.

👀Here’s the quick summary of the event:

  • Daily volume surpassed USD800K across exchanges
  • Holders on Binance Smart Chain grew 2x.
  • Number of transactions on Binance Smart Chain / PancakeSwap grew 4x.
  • 60–70% transactions across DEXs (in the last 24hrs) are BUY transactions which reflect positive sentiment in a down market.

🏆We are excited to announce the winners of the trading competition:

#1 winner 3,000 DVG: 0x030cec752ba8185ebd03c1f9aa29feeb81b2f94c

#2 winner 1,500DVG: 0x747f9c0281fa8845e59e52feb7fb4b4d001ec6f0

#3 winner 1,000DVG: 0x30fce987bf07f4ef4054db5bd7426e79d9fa46b9

#4 winner 300DVG: 0x6c7dccf2a0c2a08092d93d32dbccd0cc75dd5973

#5 winner 300DVG: 0x911edbe1f92cc67f7baba6d38381ba16e76ff7df

#6 winner 300DVG: 0xa05e69f1e396563b8cdf56e9b39f66c251d3d796

#7 winner 300DVG: 0x61e36fc4340823a0236e287f95eb4542c0e73a81

#8 winner 300DVG: 0x27a1c64a826419f8c255375729cefaf072357df2

#9 winner 300 DVG: 0x489a281154bdc2bd0d7ef2ba62643c5aa84fe48c

#10 winner 300 DVG: 0x8e1ab604b3bafe8f1bdd0a9affcb4745ef756ffe


Note: All DVG traders (excluding the top 10 winners) with min. trading volume meeting 1000 USDT are eligible to share a 2,400 DVG prize pool in proportion to their trading volume respectively.

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