Prediction Game — Earn BNB In Minutes!

DAOventures is pleased to announce the Prediction Game, a fun game that empowers its users to predict the direction of the price of assets within a specific period of time. Users that make the correct prediction are rewarded, while users on the other side of the prediction would lose their funds. If you have tried the ‘Futures trading’ feature of Binance, you’d love playing the prediction game.

The premise of the DAOventures Prediction Game is very simple, predict whether the price of BNB/USDT will go up or down at the end of the time period compared to the start. If a user has entered a ‘UP’ position and the price of BNB/USDT is higher at the end than at the start of the period, then the user would win a part of the prize pool. page

How Does The Prediction Game Work?

Phase 1 — Connecting A Digital Wallet

Phase 2 — Choose An Entry Position

Phase 3 — Live and Locked

Phase 4 — Payout

Which Token Pairs Are Available Right Now?

ChainLink — A Unique Feature Offered By The Prediction Game

Data from Chainlink is used to determine the locked price and the ending price, which is then used to determine the winning users.

Are There Any Fees Involved?

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