See you at Securo Finance

2 min readJun 28, 2022

To our valued community,

It has been two eventful years for DAOventures, kick-started by Polkastarter back in February 2021 and we saw unprecedented support in the community. The team would like to thank each and every one of you for being part of our journey.

Throughout Q3, Q4 in 2021, the team gathered to review our year and discuss the future of DAOventures to further grow. One topic was the name itself: the core product of DAOventures is a crypto index fund, but the names give confusion. (“Is it Venture Capital?” “Oh, you’re not VC?”) The other topic was, most importantly, how to make a breakthrough on user acquisition, whether or not we still have a product-market fit with crypto index funds. (“Wen moon?” “What is crypto ETF?”)

Then we met Techstars, through Launchpool Web3 Techstars Accelerator Class of 2022. Feedback from all valuable mentors in the space, rebranding to Securo Finance — Composable, compliant, and easy DeFi Index Fund could resonate better with the target audience and give another chance for our vision towards easy DeFi investment to shine.

Now, introducing Securo Finance.

The team wanted a name that represented the secure financial service that we can bring with DeFi investment, so that’s how we got to rebrand DAOventures. The core product will remain the same, but more secure and compliant way: crypto index fund in DeFi. Moving forward, all social media accounts will be updated to reflect the new name and logo change.

You’ll be able to see the new website here:

All products, wallets, and transactions will still operate as they have been until now. Some changes will be made along the way regarding the platform and how our service works in the new UI, but the team will stay the same. Plus we are in the process of registering Securo Finance for a fund manager in BVI.

The launch of Securo is just the beginning of a bigger journey that our team has always envisioned. Providing DeFi investment in a more easy & secure way!

Early sign-ups for the new platform are open at

Our humble gratitude goes to you for all of your support!

Thank you,

Securo Finance team