Series 3Introducing DAOventures, Automated DeFi Money Manager

Simple & Easy to Use | Expert Curated | Prioritizing Risk with Reward

  • DeFi Products in a Dashboard: You can simply explore, and evaluate various DeFi assets on the market by browsing curated products, checking historical returns, and more.
  • Non-custody and Self-approval: DAOventures do not hold the user’s capital. DeFi enables self-custody for everyone. So, you can interact & approve ‘smart contract’ individually. You own your money.
  • Performance and Optimization: Your investments are transparent on the blockchain and you would be able to monitor your capital 24/7 by reviewing and optimizing your portfolio.

Unique Value Proposition

  1. Simplicity: Browse recommended investment strategies. Select, approve & invest automatically.
  2. Secure: Security audit, code-review, open-source review, pen-test, and 3rd party firm audited.
  3. Trusted: Transparent, professional fintech & cryptocurrency team, and
    verified smart contracts.
  4. Save Gas: With ‘pooled investment fund’ and better gas fees calculation,
    investors save gas up to a particular percentage.

Why should you choose DAOventures?

  • Deep Expertise in the Crypto Market: DAOventures technology provides recommendations and capital deployment on behalf of LP into DeFi investment.
  • Cash Flow from Digital Assets: All investors are able to generate yield/returns from their existing digital assets and get yield by
    participating in DeFi investments.
  • Community Participation with Governance Token: The governance token model enables LP to cast votes for changes to the rules in the protocol.
  • Reduce Counterparty Risk: Through the non-custodial processes,
    counterparty risk is reduced. The funds stay with LP’s wallet.
    DAOventures do not hold the user’s fund.
  • Reputable Technology Team: DAOventures technology team architects
    build and execute the DAO’s proposal to the protocol. The core team
    previously built predictive data analytics on the crypto market.
  • Compliance and Security: Audited all processes and smart contracts will be reviewed and audited before deployed into the mainnet!

How does this work?

DAOventures Team

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DeFi ETF Index Fund, basket of auto-compounding LPs

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