Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of DAOventures

4 min readDec 16, 2020


DeFi is a once in decade technology investment opportunity. But with every new innovation, there are bound to be roadblocks and complication issues. With deep expertise in the fintech and crypto market, DAOventures is creating an automated asset manager for Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

These are some of the top 10 frequently asked questions (FAQ) for DAOventures.

1. What is DAOventures?

  • DAOventures is a decentralized organization (DAO) that helps Liquidity Providers (LP) to invest in decentralized finance (DeFi) products as a pooled asset manager. With smart contracts and automated robo-traders, DAOventures invest in the best performing DeFi assets for the most optimized return. It works like a “typical automated VC” that invests in best performing risk-averse strategies on DeFi.

2. What is the reason for launching DAOventures?

  • Regular crypto investors struggle with the difficulty and complexity to interact with DeFi protocols due to poor user experience as the DeFi environment is still in its infancy and young. Anonymous founders, inexperienced teams, and technical issues are also complications & risks for DeFi.
  • We aim to build the simplest and best tool to invest and manage your DeFi portfolio. With deep expertise in the crypto market, we want to make DeFi simpler, accessible & inclusive by tackling the industry’s pain-point.

3. Who are on the team of DAOventures?

  • DAOventures is a group of technologists, early crypto-participants, and passionate about making a better world by democratizing DeFi investment.
  • We are a professional team comprising former Google Head of Mobile China, innovation director at Omnicom Group, digital product manager of Standard Chartered Bank, experienced tech, investment, and digital community lead.

4. What are the main products?

  • DAOventures high-level product framework comprises lending/borrowing, automated robo-investor, and other decentralized finance products. All the pooled crypto funds are deployed to the best ROI% of DeFi protocols.
  • For the initial phases, we are focused on deploying some of the best, proven, and safe strategies to build trust. We will introduce our primary product ‘Automated DeFi Manager v1’ as a basic investment strategy. Gradually we have a plan to launch 5–10 more different asset manager products.

5. What is the road map for DAOventures?

  • Plans for the next one year are launching 5–10 different DeFi products (DAI, USDC, TUSD, and more), launching DVG governance token protocols, partnering with wrapped BTC, and other protocols for interoperability.
  • We also intend to build a cross-platform mobile dapp with web3 crypto wallet, localization of the solutions & product with multi-language capability, etc. Please refer to ‘Future Roadmap of DAOventures’.

6. What are the risks of investing with DAOventures?

  • Please do your own research and make your own decision. DeFi is risky and we do not advise anyone to gamble nor invest their life savings into DeFi products.
  • Some of the known risks of investing with DeFi are technology risk, i.e. exploits and bugs with the codes, smart contract risks, etc. While the assets deposited can’t decrease, the debt of the vault can increase. If a strategy does not manage to outperform the debt, then a portion of the asset will be impermanently locked. If a strategy later outperforms the debt again, the asset will again be available to withdraw. There are mechanisms in the vaults to prevent this but nothing is bulletproof.

7. Is there any Governance token? What is that?

  • DAOventures believes in community participation. There will be a governance token (DVG) model that will enable liquidity providers or DAO members to cast votes for the changes in the protocol.
  • DVG will be created with a 100% fair launch. There are no pre-mine for the team & advisor, no special allocation for bigger whales, heck, we paid for security audits and development ourselves. Consider it as “equities/shares on a decentralized finance protocol”. We believe in fairness, transparency and we are in for the long game.
  • $DVG governance token could be swapped in the secondary market. The prices are determined by the free market. In the near future, we intend to introduce more utility functions such as fees% discount, reducing gas fees, staking, and referral programs.

8. How do I acquire a $DVG governance token?

  • $DVG is “mined” by staking ‘dao_usdt’ (or equivalent dao products) into the ‘DAOventures governance’ smart contract. Or, you can buy it from someone else after they successfully “farm” for it. We strongly recommend for anyone to mine/farm for it instead.

9. What are the fees of DAOventures?

  • There will be a 1% network fee on the DAOventures strategies for an operational and development cost. There will be 10% profit sharing fees with the DAOventures protocol sustainability and the DVG DAO community pool. All interests are aligned with the LP, DAOventures, and DVG DAO governance holder.

10. What are the communication channels of DAOventures?

  • We are on these channels. Find us here —

Website | Github | Gitbook | Discord | Telegram

Twitter | Linkedin | Facebook | Reddit




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