DAOventures Weekly Highlights

Featuring strategic partnerships with prominent players like MahaDAO, Ferrum Network, MantraDAO and more!

Dear DAOventures Community,

Moonrock Capital Partnership

Earlier this week, we announced a strategic partnership with Moonrock Capital who recently incubated highly successful DeFi projects such as Polkastarter and Exeedme. With this partnership, The Moonrock Capital team will provide expertise and network effect to facilitate and accelerate DAOventure’s growth process.

Strategic Investor spotlight: Moonrock Capital

Official 3rd Party Audit

Security is our first priority and we want to ensure we are comfortable deploying our own crypto ourselves by ensuring all of the products are audited and 3rd party reviewed. We’re pleased to announce our code is submitted for audit and currently in progress. We have appointed Zokyo.io as our official smart contract auditor. We will be releasing the report once the final review is done!

Zokyo.io — Smart Contract & Protocol Audits

MantraDAO Partnership

MantraDao participated in DAOventures’ private round however our partnership extends to more than just investment and we are very excited to announce that DAOventures is also collaborating with MANTRADAO to provide DVG Tokens to MANTRA DAO’s newly announced ZENTEREST Lending platform!

Partnership announcement: DAOventures x MANTRA DAO

Ferrum Network Partnership

We are launching a staking event in partnership with the Ferrum Network on Sunday 28th February 2021 at 1 PM UTC. This launch will introduce three new staking pools on DAOventures platform, leveraging the Ferrum network’s technology! DAOventures will provide smart contract coverage for Ferrum Network users who can, in turn, use Ferrum Network’s contracts to stake tokens.

Partnership Announcement: DAOventures x Ferrum Network

What’s next?

More information will be released as the staking date approaches via our official twitter and telegram channels.

MahaDAO Partnership

The DAOventures and MahaDAO partnership will see us open a dual farming program between DVG and MAHA. The key highlights of the partnership include the implementation of compounding trading strategies for ARTH on the DAOventures platform and more exposure & inflow of DVG holders via a DUAL Farming program for both DVG & MAHA holders.

Partnership announcement: DAOventures x MahaDAO

What’s next?

On Sunday evening will be the launch of the 3 Staking pools on the DAOventures platform, leveraging Ferrum Network’s technology!

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