Partnership announcement: DAOventures x MANTRA DAO

Stake your DVG in MANTRA DAO’s ZENTEREST lending platform!

After our hugely successful TGE on Polkastarter and having already announced long-term and strategic partnerships with some of the most prominent projects and firms in the space, we are not turning down the heat one bit!

MANTRA DAO strategically invests in DAOventures

Our mission to level the playing field and open the floodgates for DeFi’s mainstream adoption is shared with our most recent partner project and one of our strategic investors — MANTRA DAO.


Our partnerships extend to more than just investment and we are very excited to announce that DAOventures is also collaborating with MANTRADAO to provide DVG Tokens to MANTRA DAO’s newly announced ZENTEREST Lending platform!

  • Users can supply and use over 40+ crypto assets as collateral in a peer-to-peer decentralized fashion.
  • Users will be able to lock their DVG tokens in ZENTEREST to borrow against other assets.

Get ready to stake your DVG tokens!

Full details will be shared in the coming days.


MANTRA DAO is a community-governed DeFi platform focusing on Staking, Lending, and Governance. MANTRA DAO leverages the crowd’s wisdom to create a community-governed, transparent, and decentralized ecosystem for web 3.0. Built on Parity Substrate for the Polkadot ecosystem, MANTRA DAO gives financial control back to the people to store and grow wealth together.

About DAOventures

DAOventures is a DeFi robo-advisor and automated money manager platform. Imagine “Robinhood for DeFi”. It is our mission to make DeFi simpler, accessible & inclusive. We believe in creating a simpler, more accessible, and more open world that is permissionless, inclusive and guided by our DNA of continuous learning, integrity and transparency.

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