Strategic Investor spotlight: Astronaut Capital

DAOventures is building long-lasting connections with the sector’s best advisory firms

In what has been a mind-blowingly exciting month for the DAOventures team, we are proud to announce yet another valuable strategic partnership with a respected firm in the blockchain space. Having also invested in our 20x oversubscribed Private Sale round, Astronaut Capital will also be helping DAOventures in recent months utilising their extensive experience and skills.

About Astronaut Capital

Astronaut Capital journey began back in 2017 and invested in several notable projects such as Synthetix, TrustToken, 0x Protocol, all of which have contributed immense value to their portfolio. In the more recent months, they have been early participants of the Polkastarter ecosystem and successfully incubated other projects like Swingby, PowerTrade, Centaur, and now DAOventures. Not limiting themselves to early-stage projects, they are also engaged in the broader Defi ecosystem with investments in Uniswap, 1inch and Sushiswap.

About DAOVentures

DAOventures is a DeFi robo-advisor and automated money manager platform. Imagine “Robinhood for DeFi”. It is our mission to make DeFi simpler, accessible & inclusive. We believe in creating a simpler, more accessible, and more open world that is permissionless, inclusive and guided by our DNA of continuous learning, integrity and transparency.

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