Future Roadmap of DAOventures

Early Q1 2021

  • DAOventures will introduce its primary product ‘Automated DeFi Manager v1’ as a basic investment strategy. We are planning to launch 5–10 different asset manager products.
  • Automated DeFi Manager v1 is a simple-basic algo strategy that deploys user’s cryptocurrency to the best yield aggregator through USDT. This strategy for lending platforms that rebalances for the highest yield during contract interaction. This algo will automatically lend to the highest lending rate on Compound, dYdX, or Aave (Popular lending-borrowing platforms) by receiving the highest yield.

Late Q1 & Early Q2 2021

  • DAOventures will be working to launch some more asset manager products. We intend to introduce several more products by leveraging more stable-coins and proven algos. Firstly, we will work to introduce DAI, USDC, TUSD stablecoins, and wrapped BTC in the Automated DeFi Manager v2. This robo-strategy will also work with the best crypto lending and borrowing platforms.
  • We will launch our DVG governance token to incentivize liquidity. This will also facilitate the liquidity providers to cast votes and bring changes to the product, protocol, or to community growth. This will be a work in progress and we will be copying from the best of the best approaches that are existing in the DeFi ecosystem currently to avoid unnecessary technical risk and proven to work.
  • The governance token will be available on decentralized and centralized exchanges to promote liquidity and product awareness. When LP provides liquidity to DAOventures product strategy pool, LP token; ‘dao_usdt’, will be minted by the DAO smart contract which can be staked in the DAOventures governance smart contract to farm for DVG tokens.
  • With the growth of market acceptance, growth, and timing, we will be working to introduce more advanced strategies to enable users to increase with APY% yield. For example, structured products with delta-neutral strategies and/or long & short on AMM liquidity pools for various top-performing pairs on different DeX.
  • Launching more money market solutions and decentralized financial products.
  • Onboarding critical role; CMO, Legal, Compliance, CTO, GM India, GM China.
  • Cross-platform mobile dapp with web3 crypto wallet.
  • Raising funding round for strategic growth; licensing, India & China expansion.
  • Localization of the solutions & product with multi-language capability.
  • Apply for Singapore MAS payment services act license for compliance.

About DAOVentures

Regular crypto investors struggle with the difficulty and complexity to interact with DeFi protocols. Best strategies require constant monitoring of performance, multiple protocol composability, managing risk vs reward ratio, and auditing smart contract security. DAOventures is the simplest and best tool to invest and manage your DeFi portfolio.



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