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Your smart money manager for DeFi. With smart contracts and automated robo-traders, invest in the best performing DeFi assets for most optimized return.

We’re really excited about the upcoming product developments, here’s an outline of what’s in store.

  1. Partnership with other blockchain protocols for interoperability & cross-chain.
  2. Launching more DeFi products, money market solutions and AMM products.

Some Highlights:

  1. Partnership implementation (on-going) :

a. Biconomy SDK

b. Binance Smart Chain

c. Bridge Mutual

d. DeFi Wizard Ferrum Network

e. Ferrum Network

g. Frontier

h. Mahadao

i. Mantradao

j. Oddz

k. Orion Protocol

l. Polygon (previously MATIC) Plasma L2

2. DeFi products

a. “Market-weighted-crypto-Index” ie, crypto ETF

b. Harvest farmers (simple & complex strategies)

c. Trading related DeFi strategies

  • Tokenset related strategies
  • Momentum Trading…

Bolstering an active and loyal community with more incentive mechanisms

After a very successful Liquidity Mining Event back in March, the community has been asking for another round. Here it is! This time our rewards program will last for 90 days and more rewards will be given.

The DAOventures’ Uniswap Liquidity mining rewards program will give the DVG community an opportunity to earn rewards for providing liquidity to the network; Those who choose to provide liquidity will be rewarded based on their contributions to the liquidity pool and this will be paid in the form of DVG tokens daily!

Details of the Program


DeFi explosion which started in 2020 has continued well into 2021, with no signs of stopping.

There are now plenty of new investors seeking to enter the sector and use it to switch to decentralized finance.

Before they do, there are things they need to be aware of about DeFi.

Ever since the DeFi sector of the crypto industry exploded in June 2020, it has been growing almost non-stop, with massive developments happening over the past 9 months. DeFi now holds more money than ever; it is overflowing with projects, protocols, developers, and of course — users.

And, since a…

Two days ago, on March 28th, we announced that the launch of our Beta Product V1 is approaching, and today, March 30th, we are proud and excited to confirm that everything is going according to plan, and the launch will be held in a matter of hours. Our Beta Product Launch V1 will be live in a matter of hours, and anyone interested in testing our dApp and providing feedback is welcome to join and see the result of our hard work.

Details about the Beta Product Launch V1

Beta Product Launch V1 has finally arrived, and it is taking place today, Tuesday, March 30th, at 1…

DeFi is becoming an established branch of the cryptocurrency industry!

The decentralized finance (DeFi) sector exploded in mid-2020, and its growth still continues, with no signs of stopping. There are multiple reasons why DeFi became such a massive hit in the crypto industry, after numerous trends that came before it failed. In fact, these days, we can safely say that DeFi is much more than a simple trend — it is becoming an established branch of the cryptocurrency industry.

Why is DeFi so important?

The reason why DeFi continues to thrive even during the global pandemic is the fact that it offers decentralized online banking. Banking comes with countless benefits that allow you to improve…

This is an important step on that road, as it will offer a more seamless and significantly improved user experience!

The interest in blockchain technology has never been higher, and its DeFi sector is expanding at a massive speed. DAOventures is doing everything in its power to use this opportunity to partner with some of the most innovative, unique protocols in this space, and continue our mission to make DeFi simpler and more available to everyone in the world.

Some of our biggest recent partnerships include the ones with Polygon (previously Matic Network), Ferrum Network, MANTRA DAO, and MahaDAO. Now, we have a brand-new announcement and a brand-new partner — Orion Protocol.

Improving the user experience

Our partnership with Orion Protocol comes for several…

  • The DeFi sector was around for years, but it only went big in Q3 2020.
  • Since this happened, DeFi started attracting massive numbers of people looking to make money.
  • Today, there are numerous strategies that allow you to make money by investing in DeFi.

The DeFi sector of the cryptocurrency industry went huge in Q3 2020, with its TVL (Total Value Locked) going from $1 billion to the current $43 billion. The DeFi ecosystem suddenly became a massive hit, basically overnight, as it offered new ways to earn money, with significantly reduced risks than what trading or investing could have…

The Chinese community is already hyped for our first official exchange listing!

Having recently announced our plans to take the Chinese markets by storm, the DAOventures team is extremely excited to unveil our plans to list on the hugely popular MXC Exchange!

This will be the first official listing of DVG since our incredibly popular token sale on Polkastarter.

DVG Listing on MXC Exchange

DVG will be listed on MXC Exchange on Thursday 25th March 2021. As our first listing since Uniswap, we are very excited to be able to offer our community access to DVG and we expect fireworks from one of the most popular exchanges in the east!

Established in 2018 and based in Singapore…

Dear DAOventures Community,

What a week! We have been working endless hours on new partnerships, rewards programs, entering new markets, onboarding team members and more to reach new heights day by day! We have had amazing support from the community and we are enjoying this journey (when we get a breather) and grateful for the community support. It’s only been less than a month since our IDO and we have covered so much ground already. Sometimes it’s just nice to stop, take a breather and look at all that has been achieved. …

We’re making the borderless and inclusive benefits of DeFi available to everyone, everywhere

As a community-driven project, DAOventures looks to break down the barriers that traditional finance has had up for so many years, paving the way for a new age of inclusive and totally decentralized finance. This includes making the pioneering features and products now available in DeFi easily understandable, safe to use and cost efficient.

Our mission also entails making the power of structured DeFi products accessible to all; this means becoming a part of the many existing traditional finance and cryptocurrency communities that span all four corners of the globe. We are therefore very excited to announce that the DAOventures…

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